Latest Release of Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP 10.2.400


Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Release Highlights

This is a brief summary of what’s new in version 10.2.400. Read our press release for more details. For complete release notes, log in to EpicWeb.

  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)—new personified intelligence agent powered by Microsoft Azure, which will enable users to get to the information they need in a quick and easy way.
  • User Interface (UI) Transformation—Utilizing the Kinetic Design System to improve ERP ease-of-use and customer experience, Epicor will be introducing new modern looks for some of the most popular screens and applications, including:
    • New, best-in-class mobile time and expense application
    • New Gantt-based graphical project management board
    • Updated Job, Resource, and Multi-Resource scheduling board.
  • Automated Order Entry—Utilizing the combination of Epicor ERP and Epicor DocStar to automatically fill in common fields in forms, resulting in a reduction of customer time and touchpoints, accelerated sales and fulfilment velocity.
  • Supplier Portal—Enables manufacturers to better manage their supplier relationships, enter purchase transactions and process RFQs as part of our best-in-class Epicor Commerce Connect eCommerce solution.
  • MES Expansion—Modernized and refreshed frequently used ERP MES screens with the Kinetic System, providing a common shop floor interface to Epicor Mattec Advanced MES via the Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • Epicor IoT—Connects machines to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for Epicor ERP. The data can be acquired directly from IoT sensors and then visualized on the ERP home page and ERP MES shop floor interface, allowing customers to monitor real-time production data and optimize business operations.

Latest Release of Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP 10.2.500


Epicor ERP 10.2.500 Release Highlights

These are the highlights of what’s new in version 10.2.500. Read our press release for more details. For complete release information, go to the latest release page in EpicWeb.

Staying current with technology helps ensure your organization is competitive. Adopting the latest compliance and security updates can also help you reduce risks. Epicor ERP plans for new releases every 6 months. That means there may be new capabilities for users twice a year. We are excited to show you what's new in the latest release of Epicor ERP.

Epicor Collaborate
This cloud-based solution simplifies digital collaboration. It uses in-app messaging and familiar callouts and hashtags to enrich communication and improve employee engagement.

Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)
Epicor Virtual Agent has a new set of skills. EVA now simplifies everyday tasks such as purchase order approvals and supplier order processes.

Epicor Service Pro
This mobile and cloud-based solution can help make your field service workforce more productive. Time-saving automation tools streamline service calls, scheduling and dispatching, quoting, work order management, service contracts, asset tracking, and more.

Epicor Functions
This is the next evolution of Epicor Business Process Management. Greater flexibility helps solve orchestration and integration challenges in the cloud or on-premises.

New Cloud Data Centers
We are introducing new cloud data centers in Australia and Canada to better support cloud solutions worldwide.

Epicor Kinetic Design
Epicor is delivering greater ease of use with a streamlined, clean, modern and predictable user experience. The latest release of Epicor ERP delivers more applications built on the Kinetic Design framework. These include Epicor Mobile Warehouse, Epicor Data Discovery, and Epicor Collaborate.