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Solutions for every facet of your business

Bring your whole business together under one comprehensive information system. Epicor solutions make it easier to share information company-wide, streamline processes, and establish a single source of truth for your entire enterprise—in the cloud or on premises.

Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Analytics

Make quick, confident decisions with accurate analytics and clearer insight into your business.

Cloud Business Management

Focus on core growth initiatives instead of IT.

Data Management and Services

Unlock the power of data within your business and throughout your supply chain.

Global Business Management

Operate as one unified business no matter how globally dispersed your workforce may be.

Human Resource Management

Meet employee expectations and build an engaged and productive workforce.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) gives discrete manufacturers real-time production and process monitoring to improve productivity and lower costs.

Mobile Solutions

Use mobile technologies to make your business more productive, responsive, and efficient.

Planning and Scheduling

Use your limited time and resources better with forecasting, planning, and scheduling solutions.

Sales and Marketing

Increase sales volumes and margins with strategic product pricing and a seamless sales process.

Business Process Management

Get the flexibility you need to boost efficiency and adapt to changing conditions.

Customer Relationship Management

Build stronger, more profitable relationships with your customers.

eCommerce and Point-of-Sale

Manage sales, payments, and transactions in person and online.

Financial Management

Achieve sound financial management—from basic bookkeeping to advanced analytics.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Align IT with business objectives while managing risk and maintaining compliance.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Improve logistics control and gain insight across your entire supply chain.

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Product Management

Improve collaboration and communication among employees throughout the entire product life cycle.

Production Management

Run your manufacturing processes more efficiently and get greater visibility into your operations.

Service Management

Deliver outstanding customer service and stand out from your competition.