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The Power of Choice – Making ERP Easy

In recent years, cloud-based applications have exploded in availability, acceptance, and use. 
The value and potential of cloud-based applications is being realized by businesses around the world. IT spending is undergoing a major shift from traditional sources, such as direct server and software license purchases, into cloud computing. The amount of money spent on cloud services in 2016 grew 25% over 2015 to $148 billion, and that will grow to $216 billion in the year 2020, according to a recent report released by Gartner.

The cloud opens up new capabilities and accelerates innovation. Subscribers demand increased levels of service, scalability, and financial agility. The cloud brings an opportunity for companies to focus on driving their business forward, knowing that their enterprise applications are always on, always accessible, and always up to date.

The Power of Choice

Unrivalled deployment choice

Our approach to the cloud is unique. We offer three distinct cloud deployment options for Epicor ERP, including multi-tenancy, single tenancy, and a game-changing dedicated tenancy model that offers much of the cost savings of multi-tenancy with the isolation and flexibility of single tenancy. We also offer the exact same applications on premises. This provides our customers with unrivalled levels of choice and flexibility on a platform that is designed for their industry, making us unique.

The Epicor ERP multitenant cloud offering provides economy of scale, good for the cost-conscious. Our single-tenant cloud deployment is designed for companies that demand very high levels of isolation and customization capabilities. At Epicor Insights 2017 in Nashville, Epicor announced a new and unique offering called "Dedicated Tenancy." This approach is 100% cloud, offering the cost savings and security of multi-tenancy, combined with the freedom and flexibility of single-tenancy for other elements.

Dedicated tenant cloud provides customers with an isolated database on shared infrastructure. This allows higher levels of advanced customization and subscribers have the ability to defer new version and release updates for a limited time meaning they have increased control. This allows subscribers unrivalled levels of flexibility without forsaking the benefits of the cloud.

Dedicated tenancy was launched for both Epicor ERP and Prophet 21. These are purpose-built, cloud-ready solutions. These platforms continue to leverage our deep industry experience while helping customers focus on their core competencies and grow their businesses profitably.

Using the cloud as a technology enabler

Along with the unique deployment choice offerings, we leverage federated cloud services to help existing customers move to the latest release of Epicor ERP deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Posted by Robert Sinfield, Director, Global Product Marketing, Epicor