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What’s new in the Epicor Learning Center?

September is a time to come back to reality and leave the humidity-fog behind.  It's time for a fresh start, a time to set new goals. Maybe it is all that rest that makes me able to think clearly?  If you are like me, it is the perfect time to start that new project that you've been putting off.  Get excited by the change and take advantage of the opportunities in the Epicor Learning Center

What's new in the Epicor Learning Center.jpgAh - time for an online course!  Everyone knows that the word "fall" is always associated with returning to the classroom, so what better time to learn a new skill set? While you were lounging at the beach last summer (hopefully!) we've adopted a new format for content delivery in the Epicor Learning Center.   We are using a scenario based approach, things you see in your day to day activities.  We are combining video, audio, and text for an engaging and interactive learning experience.  And, all courses can now be played in any device. Expect to see this new look and feel in Training on Demand course development going forward.

Beth Barber is a Digital Content Development Manager for Distribution at Epicor. Connect with Beth on LinkedIn.