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The Start of the Learning Journey

Although many of us may be reminiscing from post vacation blues, August through to September is an exciting time around the world for many families, it being the period during which schools resume from the summer recess. This time also marks the start of the learning journey for new pupils that have reached school age. It happens this year that my son starts primary one.

In the run-up to him starting school, he, a number of times expressed his nervousness about the changes ahead which he knew would include learning arithmetic, a dramatic shift from his nursery life which involves playing all day.

Many conversations went as follows "Mommy, I am a bit worried about going to school as I don't know lots of numbers and I don't know where the bathroom is or where to hang my coat." As parents, we have been very impressed with how he had coped with a similar situation where he started part-time at a new nursery closer to his school. He adapted well and quickly made friends with other children who he would be starting school with. When reminded of this fact, he beamed with smiles, and his confidence grew. Although still faced with a huge challenge, he had the belief he could do it. This struck a chord with me as not only children, sometimes we adults also nurse some fears when we need to learn new things.

The digitally driven economy and business practices are always evolving. There is a need to embrace this speed of innovations in emerging computing especially the Cloud and social web-enabled services which are part of the product offering in Epicor ERP 10 onward releases. These changes become a new learning curve for both new users and veterans of the Epicor ERP. We all at one point in our career will be faced with learning new things to be able to fulfill our job roles or career progression. When confronted with this challenge, we may become anxious about how to cope with the new requirement to learn. But, as narrated above of a new school starter drawing courage from his pre-school experiences, as adults we are able to draw from our past experiences and our innate coping mechanisms in order to acquire new knowledge.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications may be daunting to new users or adopters, but ERP applications are nothing other than the electronic form of conventional business processes translated into electronic processes. We could ease our anxiousness if we gloss over the ERP processes and re-assess what we already know. For example, if you are are an accountant, then the financial module of the Epicor ERP may be a new learning curve; however, your familiarity with general accounting principles will come in handy in the conundrum to become an ERP application functional consultant. So also if you have a developer's background, you will find the Tools track is not far from your pre-existing knowledge.

When it comes to acquiring new and updating our existing knowledge, we do have innate coping mechanisms learned through our past experiences, which allow us to overcome the fear of the unknown.
Progress Update: I am pleased to report that my son found both the bathroom and his coat peg in the first 10 minutes of being at school and proudly invited his Mum to inspect each of these. Learning arithmetic is still a work in progress…

Posted by Solomon Uwagbole, Sr. Trainer, Epicor University


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