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Guided Learning Takes the Wheel

Some of us are old enough to remember when a car trip involved a stop by the local Triple A or gas station followed by an anxiety ridden nightmare with only a paper map to save us. One wrong turn and suddenly you were channeling Lewis and Clark with only a faint hope of getting to your destination.

As we rolled toward the 21st century, eureka, we got MapQuest and finally some more concrete directions on how to get from point A to B. But MapQuest couldn’t predict that you might miss your exit or not understand east from west and if you veered off course, out came ye olde atlas.

With the introduction of dashboard GPS devices in the early 90’s, finally we could adjust our route if we made a wrong turn. Similarly, Guided Learning is here to move us out of the training dark ages and into the renaissance period.

What in the world is Guided Learning you ask? You may have already interacted with it while searching on Amazon or ordering a pizza from Dominos.

Step by step instruction is available for you to follow along with. Its sort of like GPS for a website. (Think Waze, not Google maps). Epicor Retail Cloud, Prophet 21 and DocStar have already begun using this tool to help onboard new users, take shortcuts to common pages and walk through processes.

With an interactive help menu, users can search just like they would on any search engine. Launching a ‘Help Me’ function takes them through a procedure one step at a time and accounts for any errors they might make along the way.

Kim Stanley