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Cloud News Recap from Epicor Insights 2018

To summarize, our cloud strategy very much embodies our Epicor mantra-fit, ease, and growth. Fit to align with your business, ease in every interaction with Epicor, and growth in value to your business.

Cloud is arguably the greatest enabler of our times. 

Himanshu Palsule
Epicor CTO

Even for those not at Insights 2018, it was hard to miss the flurry of exciting cloud-related announcements.  Cloud was the hottest topic, from Epicor CEO Steve Murphy's opening keynote to the last sessions.  Here's a recap of the week's cloud news, and why we're so excited about the new value we can offer our customers.

First, why is Epicor investing in cloud?  Epicor CTO Himanshu Palsule said it best: "Cloud is arguably the greatest enabler of our times." Epicor is committed to help customers grow however they choose-whether through mobility, analytics, robotics, eCommerce, global expansion, Industry 4.0 digitization, etc. Worldwide, more Epicor customers are choosing to deploy ERP in the cloud to benefit from the compelling economics of cloud while enabling a future-proof growth strategy. 

Business leaders often ask us about timing. In fact, a growing trend we observe is that customers will start to consume cloud products as complements to an on-premises core ERP system (such as eCommerce or analytics solutions) as a first step in their cloud journey. As Thierry Bonfante, VP of Global Cloud Product Management of Epicor advises, "There is no right or wrong time to move to the cloud. Every company approaches it differently. What matters is that you have a cloud strategy." 

With that understanding, Epicor has laid the groundwork for our customers to choose cloud nowcloud next, or cloud future.  Our approach is unique to the ERP industry, and we are proud of the choices we empower our customers to make.

To enable our differentiating approach, Epicor is making strong investments. We announced an expanded strategic partnership with Microsoft to deliver Epicor enterprise-class solutions globally on the Microsoft Azure platform. Customers can drive radically more growth with industry-fit Epicor solutions powered by world-class infrastructure that is reliable, global, secure, innovative, and fast. We're taking an already proven strategy and ramping on a global scale.  

Also, as the cloud paradigm moves the customer experience beyond individual products to value-added business services, companies need to tap into a very broad set of data that crosses historical application boundaries. That's why we also announced a new partnership with Jitterbit to rapidly integrate our manufacturing and distribution solutions with any cloud or on-premises offering. Epicor will be offering integration services powered by Jitterbit, a best-in-class integration platform as a service provider, as "Epicor Integration for Cloud," which helps customers get even more value out of their IT investments. 

You likely also heard that Epicor announced our product vision that includes Epicor Kinetic Design, which is a common cross-platform user experience (UX) framework. It features a clear set of UX guidelines and patterns for building applications for 
Epicor solutions to be used by Epicor and partners alike. As it's rolled out, customers will enjoy a more consistent, intuitive, easy-to-use interface every time they use an Epicor solution, especially in the cloud.

And to further empower our vibrant partner community and deliver better solutions to customers faster, we also introduced a new alliance Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program, which simplifies the way Epicor engages, manages, and helps its Alliance ISV partner ecosystem tap into the latest technology advances and growing market demand for Epicor products. 

Other areas of investment in our cloud strategy are all those exciting innovations that you saw throughout the Experience Zone at Insights - analyticsthe connected factory, and our Epicor Upgrade Program. Not only are we investing in all of these modern technologies, but we are also investing in making them easily accessible. 

To summarize, our cloud strategy very much embodies our Epicor mantra-fit, ease, and growth. Fit to align with your business, ease in every interaction with Epicor, and growth in value to your business.  For another great summary, watch this 90-second video of Thierry Bonfante on Cloud News with Insights Live.

So stay tuned for more innovation as we are- 

  • Tapping into the rich library of developer tools that the Microsoft Azure platform provides like IoT, AI, search, and machine learning
  • Making integrations in the cloud easier with Jitterbit
  • Designing a pleasant UX with Kinetic Framework
  • Empowering partners to accelerate customer value

Combining these investments with feedback from customers like you, we're excited to accelerate and improve how we deliver more value to help you grow. 

Kerrie Jordan is Senior Manager Product Marketing at Epicor. Connect with her on LinkedIn an @KerJordan.



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