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The True Cost of ‘Good Enough’

I recently attended the annual Epicor Insights conference for non-automotive retail, wholesale and service businesses. The event’s theme was “Elevate,” and thousands of Epicor users attended with that exact goal in mind: finding ways to elevate their businesses for faster, more profitable growth.

There has never been a more dynamic time for the owners of small and mid-size businesses. eCommerce is reshaping distribution channels. Mobile electronics are revolutionizing customer experiences and expectations. As a result, entrepreneurs are seeking new paths to differentiate themselves through smart investments in modern technology. They are doing the research necessary to make the best choices. And nowhere on their technology shopping lists are the words “good enough.”

Aiming for “good enough” is a losing formula. Investing in a solution that cannot adapt to a highly dynamic market will likely result in the need for a replacement system just one or two years down the road. Unfortunately, we see this scenario play out multiple times each year as distributors and jobbers come to the realization that their nearly new, “good enough” solutions have actually placed them at a competitive disadvantage in their markets.

Of course, there’s no shortage of solutions that are just barely good enough to keep your business running over the short term. Yet these options can be the most expensive systems you could buy, with the added costs—above and beyond the seemingly low purchase price—being measured in reduced efficiency, unhappy employees, lost sales and slimmer margins.

This fact has been borne out through the experiences of many aftermarket businesses. Whether investing in an ERP system, eCatalog or other solution, they ultimately realized the highest opportunity cost is an opportunity lost.

Epicor stands ready to help you make the best choice for today and the future. I assure you we will never recommend a solution that is merely “good enough.”

  Scott Thompson, Senior Vice President Automotive & Business Services