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The Evolving Automotive eCatalog

As a leading provider of replacement parts information and related content for the automotive aftermarket, Epicor works diligently to stay ahead of market trends, collaborating with leading parts and service professionals to ensure their needs are being met by current and future iterations of our comprehensive eCatalog solutions. Our most recent accomplishments in this area are on display during this week's Automotive Aftermarket How Modern and Future Technologies Facilitate Growth Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas.

Our latest innovation - a graphics-based interface for the Epicor PartExpert eCatalog - is designed to further accelerate the parts lookup and ordering processes. An optional add-on feature, the new interface enables users to identify parts simply by clicking on interactive diagrams of application-specific vehicle systems. Clicking on a part within the diagram automatically pulls up the component in a catalog search.

Moving forward, our catalog technology will become even more intuitive, as seen in our "Catalog of the Future" augmented reality (A/R) electronic catalog interface concept, also being showcased at AAPEX. This proprietary new tool allows parts professionals and service technicians to inspect vehicle systems, access and visualize parts and labor information, view installation instructions, order replacement components and perform a variety of other functions using a tablet computer or wearable device. By enabling users to complete these key tasks directly from the service bay, this latest innovation marks a new benchmark for catalog usability, efficiency and value.

It's been more than 30 years since our company introduced the first aftermarket parts eCatalog solution, and it's seen many changes in that time. Ultimately, the continual evolution of the Epicor PartExpert eCatalog has helped ensure accurate, rich product "content" is available when and where it's needed to the thousands of distributors, jobbers, automotive service shops and others who rely on it. But tangentially, it's also helped to lead those businesses along a path to stronger growth.

More than ever before, convenience is the key to winning new business and retaining customers, and parts businesses must be able to quickly and accurately identify, select and source the parts their customers need. By facilitating these needs, an effective eCatalog solution translates to more completed jobs and higher profit margins. By making parts searching faster, easier and more efficient, technologies such as the Catalog of the Future and the new graphical PartExpert interface can make those goals a reality.


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