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Plus-Size Your Eagle Advantage- 2 great new mobile apps for Eagle users on the go

Participants at the recent Eagle® for the Aftermarket user group meeting also got to see two optional new Eagle tools in action: Eagle Mobile+™, a comprehensive inventory management application; and Epicor Scheduling+®, an employee scheduling, assignment, and timeclock application.

The Mobile+ app enables store employees to use their Android or iOS mobile devices as physical inventory or cycle count scanners. Users also can save time and improve inventory accuracy by using their mobile devices to receive merchandise. The solution provides seamless access and control of the inventory files, and permits on-the-spot price checks and updates and other timesaving queries. The application can also be used to print new labels for products without returning to a desktop terminal.

The Scheduling+ app helps Eagle users reduce labor costs while maintaining desired service levels. The application utilizes the business’s real-time and historical point of sale data to forecast staffing needs. Users also will find that it greatly speeds and simplifies the scheduling process, and assignment and tracking of tasks. A comprehensive time clock can streamline tracking of labor hours and communication with most popular payroll services.

To learn more about these powerful new apps and other opportunities to enhance your Eagle system, contact your Epicor representative, call 1-800-463-4700 or email automotive.marketing@epicor.com.