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Growing Beyond in the Automotive Aftermarket

Independent parts distributors and jobbers - who in many cases already are working harder and longer hours to maintain minimal sales growth from year to year - face increased levels of competition and rising customer expectations. Challenges in today's aftermarket are prevalent, but so are opportunities - and modern technology is the key to unlocking them.

Automotive parts distribution businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to free up time and resources to focus on expanding sales and strengthening their bottom-line performance. For business owners seeking to "grow growing Beyond in the Automotive Aftermarket beyond" where they are and where they've been, the time to change is now. Embracing digitalization by moving away from outdated legacy business management platforms and investing in a modern technology solution is a key imperative for those who wish to become growth leaders in the automotive and commercial vehicle aftermarkets.

Modern business management platforms like Epicor Vision and Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket software are designed to help automotive parts businesses function more efficiently through the automation of key business processes and advanced analytics that allow them to make smarter, data-driven buying and inventory management decisions. Each solution is customizable and scalable to fit a range of parts of business types and sizes.

Other advantages include the ability to link distribution facilities, company-owned part stores, independent jobbers and repair shops for a more streamlined supply chain; serve customers with more targeted pricing strategies, 24/7 parts ordering and faster order fulfillment; and engage in eCommerce for a more modern, complete business model. These powerful business management systems both for onsite installation and through the cloud, giving businesses more flexibility than ever before while helping them to achieve double-digit growth.

The automotive aftermarket is poised on the edge of a digital revolution. Several weeks remain in 2017, and already Epicor has set a single-year record for new Vision and Eagle for the Aftermarket users, adding dozens of businesses through both on-premises and hosted implementations. Replacement parts distributors are increasingly targeting aggressive growth by investing in new technology and taking the time to maximize its use by participating in comprehensive training.

Don't be left behind. Set your goals - whether it be faster sales growth, stronger margins, increased customer loyalty, or better inventory management - and contact Epicor to learn how a modern technology solution can help you reach them.