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Epicor Launches PartExpert eCatalog Targeted to the Mexican Market

Through its industry-leading eCatalog products, Epicor aims to help users drive increased productivity, order accuracy, sales and other improvements that are vital to continuous success in a competitive environment. The company recently extended these advantages to Mexico with the launch of a new PartExpert eCatalog solution covering vehicles operated throughout the Mexican market, including many that are unique to it.

Epicor PartExpert for Mexico includes more than 3,400 product lines from nearly 1,400 manufacturers, with coverage tailored to the Mexican vehicle population. The new eCatalog and Epicor LaserCat 3 interface-both of which have been translated into Mexican Spanish-are designed to offer distributors, service providers and other users throughout Mexico quick, convenient access to information on millions of replacement auto parts.

Users also have one-click access to a variety of additional databases not available through other electronic catalogs. These include the Epicor Cover-to-Cover module-featuring detailed product images, specifications, technical service bulletins and other valuable content-and Epicor All Lines, which helps users identify and order any of millions non-inventory parts and related products.

Businesses can integrate the new PartExpert for Mexico databases with their existing eCatalog interfaces or utilize the powerful, user-friendly Epicor LaserCat 3 interface, which helps aftermarket businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction by speeding the selection of the rights parts for virtually any covered repair. LaserCat 3 consolidates critical part and application information within a single screen to dramatically reduce the number of clicks required for most lookups. Users can also launch a lookup in a variety of ways-by entering year/make/model, parts category/group, or with a simple description such as "filtro de aire."

Epicor also offers the LaserCat 3 interface with the optional new PartExpert GFX feature, which enhances traditional, menu-driven lookup prompts with detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. Rather than requiring keyed prompts to drill down to a specific part, the interface allows users to more easily identify available aftermarket and original equipment parts represented within corresponding vehicle system diagrams. By clicking on the brake system visualization for a late-model import application, for example, the user will see an exploded view of all system components-rotors, calipers, brake pads, hardware, etc.-along with available original equipment (OE) and aftermarket part numbers. Clicking on a part within the exploded view automatically performs a catalog lookup on that component.


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