Women Leaders at Epicor

By Epicor Leadership | March 10, 2020

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of some outstanding women leaders at Epicor. Read their stories.

Women’s Progress in Technology

Lisa Pope, Epicor executive vice president of the Americas

Lisa Pope reflects on women’s progress during her career, “I often look back, and I’m amazed at the progress women have made getting a seat on the executive team, especially in sales leadership roles, which are typically male-dominated,” she explains. “I started my career in 1985 in high technology at a time when women in sales were required to wear suits with skirts—no pants allowed!”

It was also a time when women in professional positions made up less than 10% of the total workforce. Lisa shares how she was the first professional woman to be pregnant in the office. “No one expected me to come back to work, but I did. And I thrived,” she remembers.

On mentorship, she says, “I’ve mentored many members of my team and encouraged younger women to stay in the workforce during times of transition like starting a family or having to make a relocation or promotion decision,” she explains.

Lisa describes her experience at Epicor as, “By far the best working environment I’ve seen for women professionals. We have two women on our executive leadership team and one on our board of directors. We’re respected, and we’re given the opportunity to run the business,” she says. “We have a culture of diversity but also fairness.”

“Outside of our executive team, we have women in many of our key VP roles throughout the company. All are strong individuals who earned their titles based on strong performance. I’m proud to be a leader in the software industry and especially here at Epicor."

Women Supporting Women

Kerrie Jordan, Epicor director of Product Management

“Workplaces need team members who bring more than one point of view,” says Kerrie Jordan.

“They need all kinds of people with different life experiences to challenge each other, inspire, and shake out the greatest ideas. That’s why women belong in tech,” Kerrie explains. “We’re transforming organizations, leading change, and making real differences in people’s lives through innovations and stories that matter.”

On Epicor, Kerrie says, “One of the reasons I chose to come to Epicor is because so many women hold executive leadership positions,” she states. “Now, I’ve personally experienced our culture of advocacy—we support each other, celebrate wins, and make comebacks.” Kerrie believes it’s important for women to support one another, “Just as I’ve been inspired along my journey, I truly hope I help other women step outside their comfort zones and achieve their own profound success.”

Women spur on innovation

Sarah Anderson, director of Marketing

Sarah Anderson says, “With technology changing at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever to have a diverse workforce. Women play a critical role in leading and contributing diverse perspectives to create collaborative, innovative solutions, and experiences. The tech industry thrives on continuous learning. I’m impressed with the number of women in leadership roles at Epicor. I’m pleased to be surrounded with such talent and encouragement to challenge and support each other, as well as to learn and test new ideas.”

Role Models for Future Generations

Ashley Perryman, director of Global Talent Management

Ashley Perryman understands the importance of women role models, “Having confident, capable women in the technology industry helps to inspire the next generations of girls and diverse groups to aspire to technology careers. They will shape the workforce of tomorrow and enable the overall industry to thrive. It makes good business sense to have women in tech!”  

“Here at Epicor we have many exemplary women in leadership, which uniquely positions us for continued success in our space, benefiting from diverse perspectives across our global locations,” she explains. “As women at Epicor, it’s critical that we continuously connect with each other, share with, and support one another, and learn from each of our experiences. Epicor supports connections and encourages women to build authentic relationships that help us drive the business forward.”

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Jignasha Grooms, Epicor chief Human Resources officer

“Women now make up over half of the STEM majors in many universities around the world, and we are lucky enough to witness a true shift in gender diversity from a workforce strategy perspective. At Epicor, I’m proud to be part of leading an executive leadership team that knows diversity in thought style, diversity in work style, diversity in personal experience, and diversity of gender drive a differentiated customer experience—one that reflects our customers from both a global demographic and business perspective. We strive to be an inclusive culture that fosters diversity in all its forms, and that’s why Epicor is a great place to work for strong women all around the world!"

Representation Matters

Terri Hiskey, Epicor vice president, Product Marketing

"Representation matters. Our voice matters and should be reflected in the stories we tell and the products and solutions we produce. Epicor is a great place for women leaders because we actually walk the walk. One of the reasons I came to Epicor was that I was impressed with the number of women in executive roles. The tone of how an organization behaves starts from the top, so when the top is populated with women, that is an indicator to me of a positive work environment and greater upward mobility for women."

Tenacity, Grit, Creativity

Lindsay Lyons, Epicor vice president, Marketing

"Women have an -built-in tenacity, grit, and creativity defined by our unique experiences. Those traits are core requirements for success in the tech industry, which relies on the ability to innovate, launch, succeed or fail, then learn from the experience and quickly start again. Epicor provides an environment that fosters innovation and empowers women leaders to be their best while working to develop the next generation of women leaders."

Passion for Technology

Jennifer Schulze, Epicor vice president, Product Marketing

"I’ve been in the technology field for over 25 years, working for leading Silicon Valley technology companies the majority of my career. It’s been wonderful to be able to use my technology marketing skills to drive product innovation. I’ve been blessed with the ability to be my authentic self in the technology industry, taking cues from other strong men and women who have served as examples of how to lead from the heart. To think creatively, to market and deliver new products and services, and to speak in our own authentic voice to drive change. I’m able to constantly learn and reinvent myself through the vast amount of opportunity the tech industry provides."

Coaching Women

Teesee Murray, Epicor vice president, Sales

“Cultivate more male coaches--the majority of tech managers are men. Studies show that men have more coaches and women have more mentors. The difference is that coaches actively help open doors to new opportunities. To meaningfully increase the number of women in tech, highlighting the men who actively coach and create more opportunities for women is key. Be a coach yourself. It’s gratifying to get notes of appreciation from other women who I’ve actively coached. We live in a diverse world. It’s up to us to promote diversity and actively coach to provide more inclusive opportunities for all.”

Women in Tech at All Levels

Carrina Ekvall, Epicor director, Marketing

"As we think about International Women’s Day, we need more women in technology at all levels—to shape direction, bring their perspective, their experiences on how we do things, the ways we work, and how we connect with each other. It’s especially important to provide training opportunities in schools to include things like coding, problem solving, and creativity for the younger generation to experience."

Women Who Love Software Engineering

Lydia Fosado, Epicor senior director, Software Development

"As a girl in Mexico who enjoyed solving software engineering problems, I didn’t imagine I could be where I am today. I appreciate the opportunities Epicor has given me through my career. I keep my spark alive with complex problems to solve and believe in myself because of the mentorship of great leaders."

Role Models Set the Stage

Susie Emmerling, Epicor vice president, Marketing

"I think it’s important to be a role model and set the stage for the workforce of the future. I want my daughter to see unlimited leadership opportunities for her future and to work in an environment where she feels respected, empowered and challenged. At the same time, I want my son to support, respect and value women in the workforce."

Women Belong in Tech

Natalie Canadeo, Epicor senior manager, Human Resources

“Women belong in tech. They often bring the soft skills needed in leadership like emotional intelligence, empathy, and passion. These qualities help transform workplace culture. Epicor is a fabulous place for strong women leaders because they enable and empower women team members to take on new opportunities, invest in them, and offer them career growth. In my 3.5 years at Epicor, I’ve had my first child and seen tremendous support as well as career advancement."

Diversity Enables Innovation

Emma Vas, Epicor director, Product Marketing

"There is plenty of evidence out there that gender diversity positively correlates with better innovation and increased business performance. When I interviewed at Epicor, I was impressed by the number of women in leadership and felt that my voice would be heard and would matter, and that’s been the reality. I also think it makes our customers appreciate and relate to us more as they are seeing the growth of female representation in their businesses as well."

Epicor celebrates women in technology, from senior leaders to individual contributors and tomorrow’s innovators.

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