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The Paint Bucket uses Epicor Decor Fusion to achieve greater efficiencies across several areas of its business. Since implementing Decor Fusion, The Paint Bucket has reduced the time required to train new employees, has made more informed and strategic business decisions using advanced analytics, and has used automation to significantly reduce human error. The Decor Fusion solution has helped The Paint Bucket streamline its operations and achieve greater profitability.

Paint Tinting Automations

A key feature of the Decor Fusion solution is how the software creates a tint-per-transaction code, which is then assigned to a customer profile. Most paint and decorating point of sale (POS) systems require manual input of tint information every time, which often results in human error, incorrect tints, wasted time, and resources. With Decor Fusion’s tint-per-transaction coding, The Paint Bucket completes re-orders with the click of a button and with no need for manual input. This helps eliminate human error, and increases consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Decor Fusion makes my business more efficient and profitable. The integrated Benjamin Moore COLORx® and Decor Fusion feature considerably reduces human error and the time needed to train new employees. Having purchasing and receivable features in our POS system adds more efficiency. And the ability to forecast sales helps us plan our purchasing so we can earn manufacturer discounts. All of this goes right to our bottom line. Decor Fusion is well worth the investment.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

For The Paint Bucket, having automation for tinting paint and hundreds of other items goes directly to the heart of their employees’ experiences. Many workflows within the software can be completed within a few mouse clicks, allowing employees to perform numerous tasks quickly and easily. The intuitive software, combined with automation results in fewer mistakes and helps new employees quickly gain confidence, and reduces their learning curve. Since implementing Decor Fusion, The Paint Bucket has reduced its employee training time from several months to about two weeks.


Decor Fusion’s reporting features have helped The Paint Bucket make more strategic decisions when purchasing inventory, which has a greater impact on the bottom line. The Paint Bucket uses Decor Fusion’s reporting features to forecast sales for periods of several months. Based on this information, The Paint Bucket can accurately predict what inventory it will need for a given period of time and can then place larger orders with its suppliers, earning manufacturer discounts, and growing margins without raising prices.

Industry Partnerships

As a Benjamin Moore retailer, The Paint Bucket needs to be able to quickly input product information or pricing updates from Benjamin Moore. Through Decor Fusion’s electronic data interchange (EDI) with Benjamin Moore’s systems, changes made by Benjamin Moore are automatically updated in their POS, and also in The Paint Bucket’s customer profiles. These automated updates have helped The Paint Bucket improve the accuracy of its re-order fulfillment, which has helped the company increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Company Facts

  • Location: Culpeper, Virginia
  • Specialist Industry: Paint and Decorating Retail Stores
  • Website:


  • Inefficient use of time and resources for manual entry of tint information


  • Automatic input of tint information eliminates human error, and increases efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced employee training time from several months to two weeks
  • Reports help predict future inventory needs, place larger supplier orders and earn manufacturer discounts without raising prices
  • Benjamin Moore product and price updates are automatic through EDI
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