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Triad Technologies

Triad Technologies of Vandalia, Ohio, offers full-service solutions for motion and control applications. Formed in 2002, this fl uid power distributor has 88 employees in seven locations, and gross annual sales of $36 million. The company converted from an Epicor legacy solution to the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in 2005.

"We are handling hundreds of orders per day. We couldn't service the volume we do without Epicor Prophet 21. Epicor is a technology partner that can grow and expand with your business. The functionality of Prophet 21 has enabled us to utilize our ERP as a strategic tool for our operations."

Eric Waggoner
Operations Manager | Triad Technologies

According to Eric Waggoner, Operations Manager, Triad Technologies selected Epicor Prophet 21 for several reasons:

  • Microsoft SQL Server database -easy to view, manipulate, import, and export data.
  • Modular-type design of the Prophet 21 software platform -"This allows us to turn on and off functionality as it pertains to our business," says Waggoner.
  • Microsoft Windows user interface -easy-to-learn functionality, with the same look and feel across modules.
  • Innovation -Waggoner notes, "We have utilized the new features of the software to improve our customer service and expand our service offerings."


Automated picking, receiving, and inventory management


When implementing Epicor Prophet 21, Triad Technologies looked at each of its manual/keyed entry functional areas (e.g., picking, labeling, receiving, and special customer requirements) and automated them, for a "seamless look, touch and feel" to customers, no matter what department or location sends them the product.

For example, Waggoner explains how the company automated its picking functions: "We recently implemented a carousel system in our corporate warehouse, and with the Epicor Prophet 21 interface and SQL database, data is passing between the two systems; this eliminated the batch printing and picking of warehouse orders. We reduced our direct picking labor by over 50 percent with the same transactional volume." He adds, "We are handling hundreds of orders per day. We couldn't service the volume we do without Prophet 21."

Meanwhile, the Receiving department saw a 25 percent increase in transaction handling with 60 percent less labor. Continues Waggoner, "Back office operations have been streamlined, and we have reduced labor requirements in departments like Purchasing and Accounting, which has allowed us to re-charter employees into value-added roles for our customers."

Inventory management also hit new heights. "We sell upwards of 40-50,000 SKUs," Waggoner states. "With Prophet 21, it's easy to analyze thousands of line items, sales data and purchasing data, so one person can do the full analysis all by themselves. We have the ability to import and export the data to perform analysis and make modifications quickly. Best of all, our top-line sales have increased as we have gained greater control of our data."

A strategic tool


Observes Waggoner, "Prophet 21 demonstrates the ability to adapt to our ever-changing business model with new enhancements. For example, we're excited about the automation of order entry via Epicor AutoOrder, as well as self-service options for customers utilizing our Internet-based ordering system." Epicor DynaChange Portals have given Triad Technologies additional tools to provide Customer Service Representatives with real-time information on their customer orders rather than reviewing reports to get the data, which has improved their response time.

Waggoner also praises the versatility of the system: "It provides lots of feedback and enhances our ability to collect, manipulate, import and extract data. It's a great way to review everything we need to service our customers on a daily basis."

He concludes, "For fluid power distributors, the benefit ts of an ERP system are in communicating data to your manufacturers and customers, and taking manual steps out via automation. Epicor is a technology partner that can grow and expand with your business. The functionality of Epicor Prophet 21 has enabled us to utilize our ERP as a strategic tool for our operations."

About Epicor


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Epicor Inspires Triad Technologies


Company Facts


  • Help a Midwest fluid power distributor automate functional areas, reduce handling and labor, and manipulate and communicate data



  • Top-line sales increased 28%
  • Receiving department saw a 25% increase in handling with 60% less labor
  • Reduced picking labor by over 50% with the same transactional volume

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