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Trade Supply Group

Trade Supply Group, based in New York City, represents the services of 150 individuals working at four independent companies to provide full-service, end-to-end building supply solutions to commercial and residential contractors in the New York metropolitan area.

Eclipse has simplified our entire operation. It runs the business and is so efficient, we talk about it as though it's a person. Whenever we have an operational problem, we check Eclipse for the answer. The system has helped us resolve dozens of issues in record times.

Jon Eckels
Store Manager | Trade Supply Group

The group was initially introduced to the Epicor Eclipse enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution when it acquired Simon's Hardware & Bath, one of New York's premier specialty hardware and plumbing retailers, in 2003. Simon's had already been using Eclipse since 1999, and the system was so reliable and flexible that it is now used at all four companies owned by Trade Supply Group.

"We are all about efficiency," says Nick Aversano, Trade Supply Group's Chief Operating Officer. "The primary objective of our investment group is to increase the bottom line of successful supply-based companies through the introduction of even greater efficiencies. We specialize in expanding their resources with the finest accounting and information technology systems.

"As a result, all four of our companies are now utilizing the Epicor Eclipse software solution for everything from order entry, inventory control and purchasing, to the analysis of data organized into customized report formats," he continues.

Immediate resolution of product tracking issues

"We cater to the very high-end residential building and remodeling marketplace," explains Jon Eckels, Store Manager at Water Mill Building Supply, another Trade Supply Group company. "Our customers are very demanding. The foot traffic is non-stop, and all of our products are available for same-day delivery. Not having something in stock or experiencing a delay is not an option. Eclipse has simplified our entire operation. It runs the business and is so efficient, we talk about it as though it's a person. Whenever we have an operational problem, we check Eclipse for the answer. The system has helped us resolve dozens of issues in record times."

In addition, Aversano credits Epicor Eclipse with increasing the gross margin of Water Mill Building Supply by two full points since its utilization. This is due mainly to the enhanced management of an inventory consisting of 1,500 separate SKUs-allowing the company to meet customer expectations without stockpiling products that are not needed on an immediate basis. Management can also easily generate reports containing detailed customer information and then strategically price products based on the type of customer.

"Our profitability is based on service, not pricing," adds Aversano. "We strive to offer the best possible value to our customers. In the past, this was more difficult because we had no way to retrieve and review the statistical and purchasing histories of our clients. Now, it's a snap to find out who purchased what, and when.

"Before, accurately assessing inventory was nearly impossible," he continues. "As a result, it was a real drain on our cash flow and created numerous stocking problems, since we have limited shelf space. With Eclipse, we now have an extremely intuitive method for clearly tracking back-end visibility, analyzing client purchasing patterns and ensuring we always have what the client wants when it's needed."

According to Eckels, Epicor Eclipse also runs equally well and effortlessly across all four Trade Supply Group companies, despite the differences in their businesses and sales methods. This includes the daily reconciliation of thousands of inventory SKUs at each location, the allocation and transfer of products throughout the organization, and ongoing cost updates.

A firm foundation for future acquisitions

As for the future, Aversano vows that Epicor Eclipse will become the software foundation for each new acquisition. "Thanks to Eclipse, we've seamlessly integrated each new company and their employees into our organization," he states. "It's just so easy to use and learn. The system also tracks everything for ready retrieval in practically any reporting format. Eclipse has become an invaluable partner in our growth, and will surely be used each time a company comes under the Trade Supply Group banner."

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