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Pittman Supply, Inc.

Pittman Supply is a leading supplier of plumbing products to wholesalers, retailers, and contractors throughout the Dallas, Texas area. With two locations and an onsite showroom, the company offers everything from a quality selection of pipe, fittings, tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets to custom, in-house design services.

Focused on a future that includes more branches and employees, the company's owner and president, Scott Pittman, needed a solution that would support operations ranging from purchasing and accounting to warehousing, order processing, and shipping. Because it was designed specifically to expand product lines and grow business in today's global economy, the Epicor Eclipse enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was an ideal fit for the company's needs-with add-ons such as the Solar graphical user interface for ease-of-use, multi-tasking, and signature capturing.

“My business is worth more today due to Eclipse. Going with Eclipse was among the top three decisions I've made during the past 18 years."

Scott Pittman
Owner and President | Pittman Supply, Inc.

“My business is worth more today due to Eclipse,” said Pittman. “Going with Eclipse was among the top three decisions I've made during the past 18 years. We were one of the first Solar users in the country. It was a great decision. We looked at a lot of different systems. Epicor had a tremendous reputation and they didn't disappoint. They came in and really wowed us. Choosing Eclipse made us a leader rather than a follower. It added value to the entire business.”

Increasing quality-of-life through enhanced efficiencies

According to Pittman, this value even extended into his family life as a result of the solution's ability to streamline processes and reduce the time spent sorting, stacking, and managing paper records and other documents by hand. In fact, within the first two years of using Eclipse, Pittman Supply was 100% paperless.

“I spent hours and hours working late into the night hand pricing and extending tickets,” explained Pittman. “It took a lot of time from my family. I truly believe this benefit alone helped improve my quality of life and allowed me to focus on growing my business. Until we implemented Eclipse, we were handcuffed by the incredible amount of time spent by multiple people handling multiple stacks of paper in triplicate.”

Another Eclipse benefit is the ability to answer inquiries quickly and accurately. This includes instantly coordinating between both locations to identify the requested item and arrange for delivery or pick-up, while the customer still on the phone. The system's signature capture feature has also added additional layers of efficiency by eliminating “questions about who signed for what product and when.” Nearly everyone at Pittman can now instantaneously access the date and time of the delivery as well as the signature itself.

Positioned for ongoing growth

Pittman believes the Epicor Eclipse system will help the company “triple business over the next 10 years.” He envisions sustaining these expectations by “growing with the software” and consistently adding new features that offer new insights and the ability to further enhance procedures, profitability, and cash flow. In the near future, this will entail the integration of mobile capabilities that will provide Pittman field staff with access to the same information available from their home offices.

“There is so much more we can do to increase our business,” added Pittman. “We're constantly learning as we go. With Epicor, we're more disciplined. We constantly find better techniques and ways to use the software more efficiently. We really picked a great partner. It's easy to grow with Epicor.”

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