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Tool Kit Provider for U.S. Military Leverages Growth With Prophet 21

Kipper Tool Company (KTC) is an American woman-owned small business with a corporate office and warehouse facility in Gainesville, Georgia. Established in 1994, KTC is an authorized distributor for over 300 tool and industrial supply manufacturers. They are committed to providing industrial quality tools of all types to businesses, industries, and government agencies. KTC has been helping the United States military transform and modernize to meet critical requirements for more than 10 years.

KTC started using Prophet 21 over 14 years ago. At the time, KTC was evaluating solutions because the company was growing and moving into kitting and production orders. “During that time, we were able to keep up with distribution as well as move into production because Prophet 21 is such a well-versed solutions package. And then roughly five, 10 years later, production orders and kitting became two of the biggest parts of our business,” said Eric Crawford, senior IT executive, Kipper Tool Company.

“We chose Prophet 21 because we want to be on the cutting edge,” explained Beth Garrish, vice president of operations, Kipper Tool Company. “When we started this company, the owners took a challenge and did something that no one else did. They kept a toolkit up to date with the most current tools. So, that’s how we look at our technology, too. We always want to be on the cutting edge as a company so that we can grow, so we can always be ahead of the curve.”

"When we implemented Wireless Warehouse, our picking speeds and our efficiency just skyrocketed by 60 percent. That was a huge savings. Our quality went up and our customer satisfaction increased."
Beth Garrish
vice president of operations, Kipper Tool Company

A skyrocket in efficiency with Wireless Warehouse Management

The Epicor Prophet 21 Wireless Warehouse Management solution makes it easy for KTC to optimize warehouse operations. “When we implemented Wireless Warehouse, our picking speeds and our efficiency just skyrocketed by 60 percent. That was a huge savings. Our quality went up and our customer satisfaction increased,” said Garrish.

Garrish continued, “Through Wireless Warehouse, through EDI exchange of data, we’ve been able to optimize processes and cut down—or even eliminate—the time it takes our employees to do manual data entry. This has helped not only in saving time, but also in the efficiency and the quality of what we’re bringing into the system.”

“Prophet 21 allows us to connect in real-time, mainly because of the Wireless Warehouse Management solution,” added Crawford. “[It] allows us to produce or pick tickets, and then we’re able to take the picked tickets and seek out the inventory in real-time. Meaning, if inventory is available in our bin, the system will update and allow them to allocate and pick from those bins.”

“We’re able to do things faster and we’re able to cut costs, so we can then put that time and money back into the company,” said Garrish. “Through the reporting features in Prophet 21, we’re
able to see what our inventory levels are, see what’s our fastest moving inventory, and therefore we can make decisions on what to stock. It’s always the hardest thing to ask, ‘What are we going to sell tomorrow?,’ but being able to get that data from Prophet 21 has enabled us to stock things based on trends.”

Providing exceptional customer service from one screen

Prophet 21 provides an easy and seamless customer experience for KTC. “Prophet 21 has allowed us to quote customers and track order status all from one screen, and easily move from one screen to another to provide faster and more efficient customer service,” said Allison Strickland, sales operation specialist, Kipper Tool Company. “It has allowed us to become more competitive because we’re able to add things faster, keep current tracks moving, and quote customers at a quicker rate.”

Strickland continued, “Prophet 21 is easy to use, and it has the same interface across the board and across departments within the company. When I’m looking at the order entry screen, I can see the same information that customer service sees, and we’re able to provide status to our customers right away. We’re also able to train new hires faster, which increases our ability to keep up with the demand.”

Software that fits your business

“I would definitely recommend Prophet 21 to other customers,” said Strickland. “We’ve been able to integrate the software into our whole company, and we do retail, distribution, and manufacturing. So, for it to work for us in our whole building from start to finish, I’m sure that it would be a great fit for other companies too.”

“Epicor listens to their customers and what their customers need in order to run their business. By implementing that in their operating system, it helps us grow, it helps us be more efficient, and helps us as
the customer of Epicor feel like we’re being listened to,” concluded Garrish.

Kipper Tool Company

Company Facts

  • Location: Gainesville, Georgia
  • Industry: Industrial Distribution
  • Website:


  • Manage growth and move into production while maintaining distribution business



  • Allowed company to seamlessly add kitting and production orders
  • Increased picking speeds and efficiency by 60 percent with Wireless Warehouse Management
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs by optimizing manual processes
  • Enabled employees to quote customers and track order status, all from one screen

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