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Powerful Retail Inventory Management Software

Easily manage your diverse inventory with powerful tools and real-time updates from Epicor Eagle inventory software.

Hardware store employee checks inventory using tablet

Grow Revenue With Better Inventory Data

Know what’s moving—and what’s not—with inventory tools that let you see, sell, and track all your products in real time.

  • Reduce costly excess inventory and stockouts with accurate forecasting data
  • Price for profitability with data from your suppliers, competitors, and your own stores
  • Increase basket sizes by identifying popular product combinations and trends among customer types

Simplify Multi-Store Inventory

Improve inventory accuracy at all your stores and make sure you have the right products, right where they're needed.

  • Optimize your quantity on hand with automatic stock transfers between stores
  • Track the sales of products based on groupings or “lots”
  • View and segment your data by store location

Stay Productive  and Customer-Focused 

Spend less time searching shelves and more time interacting with customers.

  • Provide mobile tools to assist upselling or cross-selling in the aisles
  • Save hours on physical inventory with powerful mobile tools
  • Manage inventory from any device
  • Answer pricing and availability questions on the spot

Streamline Purchasing and Receiving 

Put hours back into your day with simpler ordering, receiving, and invoice payment.

  • Easily source items, track delivery and fulfill orders
  • Integrate with inventory and accounting for one source of truth
  • Keep replenishment in lockstep with customer demand
  • Use actual cost data and desired gross margins to set prices
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Made with Expertise. Made for You.

Epicor for Retail provides productivity solutions to local and specialty retailers in nearly 8,000 locations across North America and the Caribbean. We’ve been building enduring relationships with our customers for 50 years. Find out how to streamline and optimize your business today.