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  • Epicor for Retail

Epicor for Retail

Complete solutions built and backed by the most experienced retail software provider.

Boost Profits

Increase sales, reduce expenses and deliver a better customer experience. Epicor for Retail helps you drive bottom-line results while putting time back in your day.

  • Gain clarity to fine-tune inventory, pricing, and margins
  • Cut payment processing costs while safeguarding customer data
  • Boost basket and ticket sizes with smart loyalty programs 

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Simplify Processes

Streamline and grow your business with a complete solution from one expert partner.

  • Keep business flowing with systems, software, and hardware that work in concert
  • Empower employees with guided training and smart workflows
  • Avoid stockouts and excess inventory with reliable forecasting

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Captivate Customers

More than 90% of consumers research and shop online. With Epicor eCommerce, analytics and mobile capabilities, you can offer greater convenience to keep customers browsing and buying online and in-store.

  • Be available to customers 24/7
  • Understand online behaviors and shopping preferences
  • Build a consistent omnichannel experience
  • Offer options like buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)

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