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Electrical Distribution

Meet customer demands and respond to changing market conditions with Epicor Software for Electrical Distribution.

Grow Profits

React Quickly in a Demanding Marketplace

The right technology is your competitive edge—but it shouldn’t distract from the profit-building imperatives of your business. Epicor electrical distribution software helps you spend less time on technology and more time focusing on what matters.

  • Better evaluate sales, inventory and pricing optimization
  • Shorten the sales cycle with open-source eCommerce solutions
  • Perfect the sales management process

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Streamline Operations

Simplify Purchasing and Processing

Designed for the challenges of your industry, with features that help you balance customer service needs and maximize return on investment.    

  • Get visibility into inventory, billing and forecasting
  • Optimize warehouse management
  • Reduce inefficiencies by automating regular tasks

Connect with Customers

Build an Omnichannel Experience

Epicor solutions for electrical distribution help you create an engaging omnichannel experience that meets customers where they are, with the services and features they want.

  • Streamline day-to-day processes while improving customer service
  • Create a world-class eCommerce experience
  • Get total connectivity to suppliers and customers

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