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Epicor Eclipse 9.1.1

Explore the Latest Version Release for Eclipse

Each semi-annual release will help you stay up to date with the latest technology and compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

Increased Functionality

Expand Eclipse and Grow Your Business

Updated functionality now available for Eclipse will help you remain competitive, better serve your customers, and experience better business processes.

  • • Extend your Eclipse solution with improved API integrations for Sales Order, Transfers, and Accounting.
  • Gain more efficiency in your Warehouse with new expanded capabilities of the WMS Android app.
  • Free up time from your warehouse staff to maintain accurate warehouse inventory in a more automated way and reducing labor costs.

Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation

Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation delivers greater connectivity and visibility by providing you a way to create complex rebate programs, easily see status updates, and track payments. The Vendor Volume Rebate Reconciliation queue provides you with transactions and programs to match them to, enabling you to reconcile amounts.

Female factory worker using mobile phone in factory

Every day, more than 100,000 people use Epicor Distribution solutions at work. In fact, in the distribution industries we serve, more than half of all businesses run on Epicor software. We designed Prophet 21 and Eclipse to meet the complex challenges of distribution. Our technology can help you weather the shifting demands of today and adapt to market forces of the future.