Fastener Distribution Software


As a fastener distributor, you handle numerous units of measure—like pieces, pounds, kegs, and pallets—and manage thousands of products in various stages of assembly. To maintain accuracy and meet certification requirements, you need a business management system that can rise to these challenges. Epicor solutions help you:

  • Process orders from multiple sources—counter, fax, email, EDI, and online
  • Manage customer-owned or consigned inventory
  • Manage kitting, assembly, and multistage processes
  • Track detailed lot information, including certification data

Epicor Solutions for Fastener Distribution

Prophet 21

This easy-to-use ERP system can help boost productivity and profitability for fastener distributors. Optimize your core processes for maximum efficiency and achieve your strategic business goals.


"Prophet 21 is a great system... We haven’t hit anything that we can’t overcome, because we’re able to bend the process and get the system to do what we need it to do.”

—Andrew Podner, COO


"When you compile it all together, Prophet 21 makes an enormous impact on profitability. Our profit levels are more than double what they were five years ago."

—Jim Derry, Executive Vice President


“There are no other close competitors that offer an ERP well suited for our high-volume small parts distribution”

—Scott Longfellow, Vice President of Finance



With increased competition and market pressures, now is a smart time for distributors to examine how to improve their margins.

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Strategies distributors can take to add value to their customers AND their bottom line.

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