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  • Coffee with Customers

Coffee with Customers Podcast

Social Media Best Practices

Megan Blanchard, Epicor's internal social media expert, discusses social media best practices for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Succession Planning

John Kennedy, speaker, author and business strategist talks with us about the importance of succession planning and steps you can take to get started.

Remote Working Enablement and Connectivity

Tony Kingma at Epicor's Cybersecurity and Backup and Recovery group chats about how to safely mobilize staff with remote access to Epicor Eagle.

Navigating the New Now

Ian Baldwin and Sam Kirkland discuss the new now, the importance of team leadership, and how to manage inventory.

Understanding and Managing Risk of Credit Card Processing

Robyn Kahey at Epicor's Credit Card Processing Team assesses the components and business effects of payment processing with online and phone ordering.

The More You Know The More You Grow – Knowledge Sharing

In this interview, you'll learn about Epicor's knowledge-sharing resources and how to optimize how you and your team use your Eagle system.

Cybersecurity – Protecting your Business and Customers

Norm Minor from Epicor's Managed Services Group discusses cybersecurity and what retailers need to know to protect themselves and their customers.

Closing out the Year with Amy Weller

Amy Weller is here to talk you through best practices and available resources you can tap into to help your processes run smoothly.