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Epicor Helps Ace Hardware Stores Grow Revenue, Profits and Loyalty

Complete POS and Retail Business Management

Epicor is the only point of sale software provider exclusively endorsed by Ace Hardware. Epicor Eagle N Series retail business software helps over 3,000 Ace locations thrive, despite tough, big box competition, through superior customer engagement and greater efficiency. 

Benefits of the partnership for Ace Retailers include:

  • Innovative technology solutions, with built-in industry best practices to improve efficiencies and drive business growth
  • A strong, stable business partner with over 40 years experience developing software for hardware and home center stores
  • Exclusive Pricing & Support discounts
  • Dedicated staff to support Ace programs and day-to-day operations

    Epicor Eagle for Ace Dealers

    Epicor Eagle N Series―a leading end-to-end business solution for Ace Stores

    • Deliver exceptional customer experiences at checkoutand beyond with advanced POS and mobile technology
    • Boost margins and profitswith integrated inventory management, purchasing and receiving tools
    • Optimize inventory and overall business performanceby making fast, informed decisions using intuitive, on-screen analytics
    • Cut costs while providing exceptional customer serviceby seamlessly taking advantage of online, mobile and wireless technologies.

    Klem's: Epicor Eagle Planner Series

    Success Stories

    Little Hardware Eagle N Series

    As an independent retail business, understanding our customers is critical. Epicor Eagle N Series helps us take customer information to the next level.


    Portland Transmission Warehouse | Success Story

    Learn how the Portland Transmission Warehouse saved time and money and boosted customer service with Epicor.


    Sino Corporation

    With Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) systems, we are now in full control of our data flow, it gives us the capability to quickly and accurately adapt to constant changes as we grow.


    Epicor Eagle N Series is a fully integrated Retail POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty

    Integrated Retail POS

    Optimize your business —from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials, mobile and online capabilities.

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    Defend Against Data Security Breaches

    Discover how to build a stronghold to protect your data, inventory, and profits.

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    Competing with Mobility

    Learn how mobility can help you compete and win in this white paper.

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    Connect With Epicor

    Tell us about your unique goals and challenges so we can show you why Epicor software is a better fit.  Contact us by phone, chat, or email. If you’re an existing customer, please log in to EpicCare.