Epicor Informance EMI

Manufacturing Intelligence System

Gain actionable insights to improve your plant or entire enterprise with Epicor Informance EMI.

  • Speed up performance initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma and TPM
  • Reduce major downtime, minor stops, and quality losses to improve OEE
  • Focus your efforts on the most critical opportunities with real-time monitoring
  • Unlock hidden capacity, and increase productivity without adding cost 


Epicor Informance EMI can help you transform executive-level operating strategies into plant-level execution tactics:

  • Focus and drive operating strategies throughout the production network
  • Track results with clear, easy-to-understand analytics that show OEE, downtime and waste
  • Use over 700 out-of-the box analytics and dashboards
  • Aggregate and contextualize data from all plants in a production network
  • Analyze data across plants, product lines, and asset types
  • Combine enterprise and production data for visibility and actionable insight
  • Reveal transformational improvement opportunities with significant ROI


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Systems Benchmarking Studies

Epicor conducted manufacturing benchmark studies to develop a baseline for manufacturing efficiency. These studies compile data from Epicor Informance EMI and IMPACT Advisory Services. The benchmark survey includes insights into operational success using tactical and strategic actions.