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Epicor Recognized as a Great Place to Work

If you want to be a great company, it's important to be a great company to work for. That's one of the takeaways from a study conducted earlier this year by Explore WMS. "The businesses that are the most innovative also tend to be the ones that employees enjoy working for," explains Kathryn Beeson, editor of Explore WMS. "Employees that work in an innovative, supportive environment tend to create great products; we certainly see this correlation in the outcomes of our research."

In the study of warehouse technology companies, based on publically available data from jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor, Epicor was ranked in the top 10 for workplace culture on a number of parameters, including:

  • Overall rank
  • Culture and values
  • Work/life balance
  • Employees recommending to friends

Epicor Recognized as a Great Place to WorkSpecifically regarding perceptions of Epicor, the study noted: Reviewers feel supported by their managers and liked the "open and transparent" company structure, and stated that they felt the company was open to new ideas. Flexible working hours and a good work/life balance were also mentioned as a positive about working at Epicor.

Every company likes to believe that it's a great place to work; but it's good to see that belief supported by objective research. As the study notes, "Workplace culture has an undeniable impact on the quality of a product a company creates."

That's something we're keenly aware of at Epicor, and one reason why we remain committed to making our workplace one that our employees thrive in. If we continue to do that successfully, the chances are good that we'll continue to be successful.

Posted by Epicor Social Media Team

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