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Q&A: Magnum Shooting Center Targeting Compliance Success

Recently, Doug Smith, director of product marketing, retail and distribution, and Sam Kirkland, strategic relationship manager at Epicor Software, sat down with Greg Yowell, compliance manager at Magnum Shooting Center for a webinar focused on the new Epicor FFL Compliance Manager™ solution. The Colorado Springs-based business is taking advantage of the easy-to-use bound book management tool that's seamlessly integrated with the Epicor Eagle N Series retail management system.

SK: How did Magnum Shooting Center evaluate the Epicor solution and bring it into the business?

GY: We started with a paper bound book system, which is very prone to human error. We eventually moved over to a competitor system, but we were not happy with it. We had been looking for a new firearms compliance and management software, and when we discovered that Epicor was developing the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager solution we were intrigued and thrilled to learn that would easily integrate with our current Epicor Eagle system. 

For us, it has been a great fit and the ease of use for our employees is phenomenal. Our FFL compliance and back office operations now seamlessly work with all sides of the business.

SK: Going from another system to the FFL Compliance Manager solution, you didn't use spreadsheets to initially enter your firearms data into the Epicor system. Did you do a full inventory at that time?

GY: We did a full inventory before we closed out the old system, because the most important thing to us is compliance. We wanted to make sure that everything was correct and if the ATF walks in on any given day, we're ready for them. It only took us a few days to initially get the inventory into the FFL Compliance Manager solution. Once the Epicor solution was online, we did another inventory check to ensure everything was accurate. 

It has been so much faster and easier to use the FFL Compliance Manager system -- from running the reports, organizing reports by manufacturer, date or brand. We couldn't be happier.

SK: One component that we kept in mind when developing the FFL Compliance Manager solution was to make sure it was easy to install. Our vision for the cloud-based solution was that you can load the software with just a browser. What is your initial feedback of this functionality?

Epicor Firearms DashboardGY: The system is very intuitive. On the administrative side, being the Compliance Manager for Magnum, I found the tutorials and WalkMe software guidance very resourceful. Installing the solution was super simple. As a cloud-based solution, there is no software to download or updates to install. The implementation process of the FFL Compliance Manager application is easy -- we didn't even need to give in-depth training to our employees. 

For any firearms business, compliance is your lifeline and inventory control is mandatory -- without it you don't have anything. The solution is so easy and streamlines our firearms compliance and provides improved inventory management. On top of that, it is simple-to-use, and extremely affordable, which will make our business much more efficient.

Watch the full webinar to learn how your firearms retailing operation can be successful by:

  • Quickly log firearms transactions using a built-in “assistant” that steps them through the process
  • Instantly create ATF-friendly reports for inspections and traces, with just one click 
  • Smoothly run virtually every aspect of retail-from POS and inventory to back-office, mobile, online and more

Please click here to watch the webinar. For more information about Epicor FFL Compliance Manager, visit the solution hub here.

Posted by the Epicor Social Media Team


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