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Do you still want to hug your server or be in the cloud?

We all know the cloud has been talked about for years now. With iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Google Docs, most people use at least one type of cloud service. More and more applications are moving to the cloud. “The global SaaS market is projected to grow from $49B in 2015 to $67B in 2018” according to research highlighted in Forbes. What are the drivers for this demand? Some include cheaper large scale computing power, enhanced virtual machines and the rise of consumer mobility to name a few.

Regardless of the drivers, the number one concern about going to the cloud is security. Customers want to know moving from on-premises (most popular deployment) to cloud hosted solutions - what is safer on-premises or in the cloud?

Organizations leveraging the hosted model, like Epicor Eagle Hosting, benefit from automated nightly backups, ongoing software updates, around-the-clock server monitoring and extensive protection from viruses, malware and other threats. Users benefit knowing their data resides in a PCI compliant datacenter that is designed and operated to maintain high levels of security by experts, us! This would hopefully provide “peace-of-mind” knowing your data is 24/7 secured rather than “hugging” or sitting in a locked internal server room somewhere in the building.

Further, data shows that cloud services help small business grow. Gartner research director Sandy Shen notes, "SMBs should investigate cloud-based POS solutions to understand how they can enhance their business operations not only in streamlining daily operations, but also in attracting and engaging customers." (Source: Gartner, Inc., "Market Guide for Cloud-Based Mobile POS for SMBs," by Sandy Shen-June 17, 2014).

Now you know the trends and security- let's talk about why people want to move to the cloud.

While the cloud is working for you- you can better use your personnel, money and other resources. Most of all, ability to focus on your customers and your business- some to highlight below:

  • Save money, move capital to expense
  • Increase collaborations anywhere
  • Provide business flexibility and scalability
  • Better disaster recovery
  • Better security than you actually have on-premises

Check out the Eagle Online Academy for more details and to view all the other great round-up of sessions.

Posted by Keith Lam, Senior Product Manager at Epicor


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