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Rainier Deploys Digital Commerce to Make it Rain ROI: Shaving 2 Days’ Lead Time for Starters

Based in Tukwila, Wash., Rainier Industries Ltd. fabricates display, shade, and shelter products. Established in 1896, the company got its start selling tents to prospective gold miners heading north in the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, Rainier has evolved into a diverse manufacturer of a variety of products including yurts, tents, awning and screen systems, industrial fabric products, as well as sports, retail and trade show graphics to regional, national, and Fortune 500 companies.

The company recently spoke at Epicor Insights about its digital commerce initiative that has reduced manual effort and delays in order entry for an immediate 2-day reduction in lead times, as well as reduced errors and improved customer experience.

"Our goal is always to get faster and faster. How do we quickly get the product to the customer?," said David Traub, CEO of Rainier Industries.
Order entry was a major productivity drain- orders from the dealer or customer were faxed to the company and Rainier customer service representatives then keyed the orders in by hand. As a result, they spent most of their time entering orders, leaving little time to focus on any other aspect of customer service. "To keep up with our growth, we were having to hire more people. We had 13 different places and 8 different forms for points of data entry," said Traub. What's more, the extra step of having to enter orders manually left the company exposed to transcription errors.

To address its order entry productivity pain point, Rainier leveraged Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) to launch a digital commerce offering. ECC is tightly integrated with Rainier's Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) solution so orders are entered by the customer online and seamlessly flow right to the manufacturing floor, and on to invoicing.
By eliminating the order entry backlog, Rainier has shaved off 2 days of lead time. Not only is Rainier benefiting from improved straight-through-processing speed, but the company is also experiencing improved order accuracy, since orders flow right from the customer. Customers now have an improved experience via online access to all the information they need in real-time - similar to the experience they are accustomed to with Additionally, Rainier has seen improvements in its dealer retention rates and recruitment initiatives.
Learn more about Rainier's use of ECC here.


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