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Going Mobile to Disappear

Being a showroom salesperson is a demanding job. In addition to intimately knowing the products on the showroom floor and in the warehouse, you are expected to remember where the product is, if it has special pricing, what products substitute for it and what companion products to sell with it. On top of that, you are typically on your feet for most of the day traveling well-worn paths around the showroom floor. Today's digital distributors are utilizing digital tools like smartphones and tablets to address these challenges and grow in-store sales.

With Epicor Eclipse, our sales team doesn't have to run back to their desks. They are able to walk around with customers, pull up model numbers, check what's in stock, and create a more fluid experience for them.

Jaci Doebley
showroom salesperson | Grove Supply Inc.

For Distributors that have showrooms Epicor knows there are three primary goals they must focus on to make the most of the showroom; 1) Improve Employee Experience, 2) Improve Customer Experience, 3) Grow Sales. With Eclipse Mobile Showroom Epicor has a solution, which will help you meet these goals while also improving the productivity of your sales team.

Productive Employees
It has been said that happy employees lead to happy customers. Epicor Mobile Showroom gives sales people the freedom to walk the showroom and operate directly from a tablet reducing continuous trips back to the counter for product information. This allows them to focus on customers while staying connected with Eclipse to get information as they need it.
Eclipse Mobile Showroom allows your sales people to be salespeople. With EMS they are no longer stuck behind a desk, but can now focus on serving the customer and closing sales. Your salespeople want to sell, not become computer experts, and EMS allows them to get the information they need to better serve customers.

Happier Customers
Eclipse Mobile Showroom facilitates better customer conversations where the flow of the sales process is less interrupted. Customers get answers to their questions more quickly leading to higher customer satisfaction in the sales process. Mobile Showroom provides visibility to information right on the showroom floor. Customers can see item images on the tablet to confirm the item is the one they want. No more bringing the customer to a sales counter to view images in a catalog or on a computer screen.

With Mobile Showroom, Salespeople are able to confirm bids with the customer on the tablet, make changes as needed and send a quote to Eclipse for further processing without leaving the showroom floor.

Adding iBeacon technology into your showroom provides a near field connection to products on the showroom floor to help you better serve customers with item images, descriptions, pricing, etc. Items in close proximity to the device will display on screen, and can be easily added to the order cart. Item scan and iBeacon opens opportunity for a richer, more personalized experience.

"The Eclipse Mobile Showroom app is easy to use and everyone can use it. The training is one of the biggest benefits we have seen. We we're able to get people in there and going fast."- Jamie Kolkman, Systems Analyst, Etna Supply

Increasing Sales
Eclipse Mobile Showroom helps you reduce missed sales, retrieve item substitution information and increase upsell opportunities. Knowing this information on the sales floor increases the likelihood of selling more and ensuring clients get all of the products required with their order.

Follow-up on quotes/bids is better facilitated as Mobile Showroom allows the salesperson to capture all of the client information electronically during the first interaction. No more relying on paper records which can be lost. 

Salespeople can use filtering within Mobile Showroom to find and track outstanding bids. The Mobile Showroom Tracker will keep the outstanding bids, phone conversations, and source of sales for the salesperson to help them better manage customer interactions and drive more sales.

Make It Disappear

With Eclipse Mobile Showroom the challenges your showroom salespeople work against every day can disappear. Digital tools like Eclipse Mobile Showroom can free them up to focus on the customer instead of the software. Epicor is committed to helping you free up your team from becoming software guru's to becoming better at the jobs you hired them to do. Mobile Showroom will help you increase sales by capturing customer information in the moment, reducing customer data errors that typically show up in marketing efforts and facilitating better follow-up on quotes. And with direct access to Eclipse your salespeople have all of the latest information and everything they do is automatically updated in Eclipse.

Visit to learn more about how Eclipse Mobile Showroom will help you in becoming a digital distributor.

Posted by Mark D. Jensen, Sr. Manager Product Marketing, Distribution, Epicor


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