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  • Epicor Vision®: Record 100+ users attend St. Pete event; Vision 11.9 coming soon

Epicor Vision®: Record 100+ users attend St. Pete event; Vision 11.9 coming soon

The ultimate measure of any ERP solution is the level of engagement of its users, who play vital roles in shaping the direction of product development and helping their peers learn to fully leverage the solution’s capabilities. By this or any other measure, the Epicor Vision platform has achieved an entirely new level of success as seen in the February user group meeting in St. Petersburg, Fla.

First, the numbers: More than 100 users in attendance, representing over 70 percent of the Vision user base. Twenty-six training sessions—with topics ranging from system configuration and warehouse management to purchasing, pricing, and accounting. Twenty one-on-one customer training sessions featuring the Epicor® Compass™ solution. And, of course, countless business connections made as users exchanged best practices and other ideas.

“Every distributor who relies on Vision has the opportunity to contribute to its continued growth. Beyond the impressive features already built into the software, our users’ knowledge and innovative ideas are extremely appealing to business owners who are preparing for their next technology investment,” said Suellyn Sprague, director of product development.

Vision software continues to gain power with each new release. Field testing of Vision 11.9 began March 18, and general release was scheduled for April 22. Among the new features included in the new software are:

  • Search by customer based on ZIP code in customer profile 
  • 24 months of history on current purchase order
  • Ability to add freight to a quick-drop order via current order sourcing form
  • Quick access to “today’s” orders on customer history
  • New reorder point calculation based on tiered average monthly usage
  • Ability to change warehouse on credit memo pickup

Meanwhile, planning is already underway for the next Vision User Group Conference! Can we hit 150 participants in 2020?!

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