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Intelligent ERP and Industry 4.0

Learn how manufacturers are harnessing ERP and Epicor Advanced MES in today’s smart factories

“Customer experience is something that most manufacturers struggle with, but smart manufacturers understand that intelligent devices can reveal vital information—enabling them to drastically improve their customer service.”
Terri Hiskey
Vice President of Product Marketing | Epicor
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What Experts are Saying about ERP and Industry 4.0

ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer—Supporting the Needs of Industry 4.0

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The Digitized Shop Floor

Learn how the right ERP system is closing the communication gap between people, machines, processes, and real-time data

How the Internet of Things Makes Manufacturers Smart and Connected

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What Does Digitalization in Manufacturing Mean Now?

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Real World IoT Strategies for the Midsize Manufacturer

Discover why it’s time for smart businesses to get over the Internet of Things (IoT) and get on with it.