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Mercedes Medical, Inc.

Mercedes Medical Inc., a national medical distribution company based in Sarasota, Florida, had a problem. A few, actually, with their computer systems and database infrastructure.

Chief Operating Officer Andrew Wright was tasked with finding a solution. "We were working to integrate our systems, and we wanted a company with a presence in the medical supply industry. We needed someone who understood our needs," he says.

Before Mercedes Medical began integrating Epicor's Prophet 21 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in 2004, different programs were required for different tasks. "We had to go through multiple screens for everything, and it took a long time," notes Wright. "We had to navigate out of one screen to go to another, and nothing was integrated. Our system was accounting-based, and we did not have a wireless warehouse. Twice we tried to integrate with another product, and twice it did not work."

"We really get a lot out of the comprehensive training resources Epicor provides for us, making sure that all of our associates leverage the system for their department's maximum benefit."
Andrew Wright
Chief Operating Officer | Mercedes Medical Inc.

Wright then partnered with Epicor to tailor a solution right for Mercedes Medical.

"As a general user of every aspect of the system, I knew what we needed, and Epicor delivered," says Wright. "The Prophet 21 program does a very good job manipulating lots of data. For example, we are able to get logically sorted sales reports, which are very helpful for us."

Mercedes Medical now has complete sales and warehouse integration, with order entry, sales and business history all available quickly and efficiently. The Web site is an integral part of the ERP package, allowing the company to handle online paying and inventory control.

Benchmarking and Collaborating for Success

Since Mercedes Medical first started using Epicor's Prophet 21 software, their sales have almost doubled. Their margins have increased by 15 percent, and A/R days outstanding have decreased by about 20 percent. In addition, sales per employee have increased by almost $100,000.

Every year, the company benchmarks against competitors in the healthcare industry, looking at everything from inventory, to gross profit margin, to financial performance. "We consistently perform at the top of the benchmarks, and I think our Prophet 21 system has a lot do to with it," Wright observes.

Epicor collaborates closely with Wright and the company to make sure the program is working well for them. "We really get a lot out of the comprehensive training resources Epicor provides for us," says Wright. "We are able to work with Epicor to make sure that all of our associates leverage the system for their department's maximum benefit. Mercedes Medical has also utilized custom training so that we can ensure our specific scenarios and needs are dealt with in order to generate a healthy return on our technology investment."

Wright is confident that Mercedes Medical will continue to thrive with Epicor. "This company listens to their users," he states. "When I go to Epicor with an idea of something I want to do to make our business better, I am not brushed off or ignored. We communicate with the Prophet 21 developers to suggest product upgrades and revisions."

Recently, Epicor worked with Mercedes Medical on a software solution based on a very specific need. "With rising fuel prices, it is more important than ever that we know the freight costs for our orders," says Wright. "Epicor was able to enhance the software so that we estimate freight charges correctly. The information is now available on the order entry screen, which will help both us and our partners save money."

Driving the Future

Mercedes Medical has seen the benefits and value of complete software integration and training support. "Anytime you have a software change, it is difficult," notes Wright. "Epicor and Prophet 21 were there for us and have grown with us, helping us reach our full potential. The software developers have visited our facility-they understand what we need. That attention to detail makes them a company I want to recommend to others."

Mercedes Medical is also noticing key competitors switching to Epicor's Prophet 21 system. Observes Wright, "With a growing vertical market, there is more opportunity to drive the future and ask for even more helpful tools. We are thrilled when our competition uses Prophet 21-it levels the playing field."

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Mercedes Medical
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Company Facts


  • Help a growing medical distributor achieve complete sales and warehouse integration



  • Overall sales nearly doubled
  • Margins increased by 15 percent
  • A/R days outstanding decreased by 20 percent
  • Sales per employee increased by almost $100,000 

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