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Royal Corporation

Royal Corporation is a distributor of janitorial/sanitary maintenance (jan/san) supplies based in Santa Fe Springs, California. Founded in 1985, the company has 90 employees in three locations, with distribution centers in Wisconsin and Tennessee. One of the premier suppliers to the movie theater industry, Royal Corp. provides a "one-stop shop" for janitorial/sanitary supplies, disposables for food concessions (such as napkins, straws, paper cups, etc.) and value-added services to national movie theater chains such as AMC and Cinemark, and many regional movie theater chains. Other customers include school districts, universities (e.g., University of California campuses), and cities/municipalities (e.g., City of Santa Monica). The company is also a laundry and dishwashing supply distributor to John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts, including Embassy Suites, Residence Inns, and Renaissance Hotels.

"The Epicor Prophet 21 system allows us to grow our company; we can do more with less. Epicor's open architecture and investment in new technology continues to evolve... We'll be with them a long time."

Jonathan Soon
Vice President of Operations | Royal Corporation

Royal Corp. went live on the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in February 2007. Previously, the company was on an Epicor legacy solution. Explains Jonathan Soon, Vice President of Operations, "We had outgrown the legacy ERP system, and needed more functionality, such as best-in-class Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and a Wireless Warehouse Management Solution (WWMS). We evaluated several ERP vendors, and found that Epicor Prophet 21 was the best fit."

Moving forward with wireless, DynaChange and mobile technologies

Implementing a wireless warehouse was a priority for Royal Corp., and the technology has benefited both customers and employees. According to Soon, "Wireless Warehouse Management provides for more accurate picking and shipping, as well as a shorter learning curve for new hires. This has led to greater efficiency and improved customer service. We can also monitor our employees' performance (e.g., speed of picking and putaway, number of pieces picked, etc.), allowing us to compare and coach them based on the data. We actually post productivity statistics on a weekly basis as a motivational tool, to encourage friendly competition among our warehouse workers."

The company has also made extensive use of DynaChange, which allows employees to change the screen displays and highlight certain fields in the Epicor Prophet 21 system. Soon observes, "Without customizing the software, we can tailor views to our business. As we get into using DynaChange Portals in our next phase of implementation, this will be even more helpful to us."

Royal Corp. has been able to utilize a third party mobile application (Rubber Tree Systems) integrated with Epicor Prophet 21 to give its salesforce access to customers' orders, sales history, shipping information, pricing, and inventory. "Since we no longer have to rely on our support staff for this information, this is freeing up more time for our internal resources to work on other value-added activities," says Soon. Likewise, the built-in e-mail alerts in Epicor Prophet 21 allow the company to manage workflow without having users manually initiate communication to others when specific events occur.

Measuring results

With the Epicor Prophet 21 system, Royal Corp. has achieved its goals for EDI and then some. Soon reports, "Approximately 70 percent of our orders are now received electronically; this is a huge cost savings in entering orders." In addition, he states, "We have grown 30-40 percent in sales without
adding a proportionate number of human resources. Using Epicor Prophet 21, we can do more with less." He also cites improvements in A/R aging, cash flow, and inventory turns: "Prophet 21 captures a snapshot and gives us benchmarks and parameters, so that we know where we need to be, how much stock we have open, and so on. This helps us manage the business a lot better."

A supportive community and technology partner

Soon strongly advises distributors on the Epicor platform to become part of the Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group (WWUG), saying, "Don't put it off! This has been of tremendous value to us-it's a great resource, a community of real, live users in many different industries. You can learn from them and adapt their knowledge to your situation." He notes that membership is especially helpful for all new users.

Concludes Soon, "Epicor Prophet 21 allows us to grow our company. Epicor's open architecture and investment in new technology continues to evolve. We are glad they are investing in enhancements and making it possible to integrate Prophet 21 with other programs. We'll be with them a long time."

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Industry: Janitorial/sanitary maintenance supplies and disposable foodservice supplies
  • Number of Employees: 90
  • Website:


  • Support a premier jan/san distributor's goals for warehouse efficiency, electronic ordering, improved customer service, and overall growth



  • Helped to increase sales by 30-40% since go-live, without increasing staff headcount
  • 70% of orders are received electronically, resulting in cost savings when entering orders
  • Training new employees takes less time, and picking and shipping are more accurate with Wireless Warehouse Management

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