The ability to rapidly roll out Epicor ERP to new sites highlights the flexibility and capability of the Ludowici IT group, made possible by the platforms now in place.

Ludowici is an iconic Australian manufacturer of diversified industrial products. A key player in the Australian mining industry, Ludowici design, manufacture and market mineral processing equipment, including vibrating screens, coal centrifuges, and complementary products. In particular, Ludowici specialises in the design and manufacture of bearings, joints and isolators for bridges and other engineering structures. Additionally, Ludowici's knowledge of the mineral processing industry allows them to offer products and technologies to adjacent industries. Other major markets include the automotive and white goods industries, water reticulation systems, rail systems, noise attenuation, structural glass and glazing.

The company also designs, manufactures and markets hydraulic, pneumatic and custom made sealing products. Ludowici was the first Australian manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic packings and seals and is now the nation's largest producer. They also design and manufacture pulp molding machinery and molded fiber products such as egg trays and cartons, fruit trays and industrial packaging.

The company's diverse suite of products and services is a testimony to its reputation for innovation. In one hundred and fifty years, Ludowici has evolved and adapted to changes in industry and technology.

Ludowici has been working with Epicor ERP since 2003. The Epicor manufacturing software is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to plan, schedule, execute and monitor their entire manufacturing business, be it one local site or many sites anywhere in the world.

To truly leverage the benefits of their investment of the Epicor ERP solution, Ludowici decided to implement the Epicor ERP solution across their entire business.

With operations in Australia, China, Chile, India, South Africa and the USA, Ludowici define their key point of difference as their ability to supply globally in a cost-effective and expedient way.

Ludowici has been working extensively to build a strong and unified platform that services their entire business with an integrated software solution, Epicor ERP. The manufacturer expects to achieve global consistency, standardization, and improved efficiencies as a result of implementing Epicor ERP.

The Ludowici business understands that integration of the ERP System is a major requirement for full business integration. The ability to rapidly roll out Epicor ERP to new sites highlights the flexibility and capability of the Ludowici IT group and has been made possible because of the existing platform in place.

The deployment and use of Epicor's ERP integrated software solution is part of Ludowici's success in achieving a competitive point of difference in global customer service.

Company Facts

Location: Pinkenba, QLD, Australia
Industry: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 700+
Web site:


Build a strong and unified platform that services the entire business with an integrated software solution


Epicor ERP


Maximise purchasing power along with a reduction in costs

Increase manufacturing capabilities

Increased efficiencies in the accounts department

Why Epicor?

Ludowici have been an existing customer of Epicor since 2003 and understand the benefits of an integrated ERP system

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