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Gericare Medical Supply, Inc.

Since 1985, Gericare Medical Supply Inc. of Monroeville, Alabama, has earned a reputation as a dependable, competitive, and top quality medical supply distributor. This tightly integrated company supplies more than 4,000 products to its own network of long-term care facilities and to other healthcare organizations.

Gericare Medical Supply went live on the Epicor Prophet 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in August 2013. Previously, the company was running on a proprietary database. According to Tammy Brooks, Systems Administrator, “We wanted a more open solution that would be easy to integrate with other applications, as well as offer core warehousing, customer service, and order entry functionality.”

“With the Epicor Prophet 21 solution, we can move our company forward. We were limited by our technology before; now it's limitless-there are so many creative ways we can use the system to promote our growth. We can dig in and take costs out of the system, and take our business to the next level.”
Tammy Brooks
Systems Administrator | Gericare Medical Supply, Inc.

Brooks led a well-rounded selection committee including Gericare Medical Supply executives, IT staff, and others through an extensive search process. They ranked priorities for their new ERP solution, viewed demos, and ultimately let their users (36 employees) vote by filling out scorecards based on the stated criteria. Brooks reports, “The workforce voted unanimously for the Prophet 21 system!”

Productivity and accuracy

According to Brooks, the Epicor Prophet 21 solution has made the employees at Gericare Medical Supply more productive. “We work smarter, and have been able to reduce front office headcount by reassigning those workers to more value-added tasks,” she notes. “We can dig in and take costs out of the system, and take our business to the next level.

“Prophet 21 is so much easier to use. It's efficient, and saves time,” she continues. “For example, we can check an order history without having to pull files. Everybody was scared at the beginning of the Prophet 21 implementation-then they saw how much easier it made their jobs. Now they would never go back!”

Brooks further observes that inventory accuracy is very high with the Epicor Prophet 21 system. “We have a clear picture of quantity on hand, the balancing back to General Ledger is very tight, and our inbound shipments and invoices balance at month-end,” she says. “The numbers tie out, so we don't have to second-guess on financials.” In addition, Gericare Medical Supply's inventory turns rose from 12 to 15, and customer fill rates are near 98 percent.

“Before, we were always putting out fires,” Brooks comments. “Now with Prophet 21, we are able to focus on tasks, and improve our processes.”

Wireless Warehouse increases efficiency, reduces errors

A key Prophet 21 application for Gericare Medical Supply is the Wireless Warehouse Management System (WWMS). Marty Miller, Warehouse Manager for 20+ years, says he “absolutely loves” WWMS. “Our regular customers order from us 3-5 times per day, which caused repeated steps in the warehouse,” he explains. “Now, we can group those orders on one pick ticket. This freed up our employees' time; we have no overtime anymore.” He adds, “Our warehouse employees love the RFID scanning guns. They have definitely made the transition to the new technology.”

The Epicor Prophet 21 solution is also meeting Gericare Medical Supply's requirements for accuracy of quantities throughout the entire cycle of ordering/receiving/putaway/picking. “We have reduced errors because we catch them more readily; we estimate they have gone down from 10-12 to 0-2 per day,” says Miller. “Essentially, we are handling 400-500 order lines per day error-free, and we can now push 1½ days' work into an 8-hour period, and get prepared for the next day's delivery route!” Moreover, the system measures and improves the individual productivity of the pickers, creating some “friendly competition” among them.

Concludes Brooks, “With the Epicor Prophet 21 solution, we can move our company forward. We were limited by our technology before; now it's limitless-there are so many creative ways we can use the system to promote our growth.”

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Company Facts


  • Provide a Southern medical supply distributor with a flexible, open business system and improved warehousing, customer service, and order entry functionality



  • Inventory turns rose from 12 to 15
  • Inventory accuracy is very high
  • Handling 400-500 order lines per day virtually error-free
  • Customer fill rates are near 98%
  • Improved productivity in the front office and in the warehouse

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