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Europlan Industries manufacture a comprehensive range of office storage, workstations and screening systems for both domestic and export markets. Founded in 1963, the Auckland-based company exports its products, many of which are built-to-order, throughout the world including Australia, the United States, the Pacific Islands and Asia. 


Two years ago office furniture manufacturer Europlan was falling behind with customer shipments and its purchasing was struggling to meet production deadlines. That was before the company implemented Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP), an integrated ERP system designed specifically for build-to-order engineering and manufacturing companies.

Like many New Zealand manufacturers, Europlan ran a number of standalone systems resulting in data being kept in a number of depositories. This resulted in a lack of visibility across the company and the separate departments were unable to synergise. Europlan management realized that changes had to be made if efficiencies were to be achieved. Management decided in order to move the company forward they would require an ERP system that would integrate data across the organisation's entire operations and provide increased visibility across departments.


Epicor ERP manufacturing software is an ERP system that meets the needs of progressive make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Epicor ERP possesses built-in workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the entire order cycle: from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Installation and Service, and Financials. 

Success Story - Europlan Benefits 

Europlan are now underpinning their growth strategy on Epicor ERP and say that one of the major benefits of Epicor is that you don't need to take on more staff as you grow. The company is growing rapidly throughout New Zealand and Australia including a number of acquisitions. More and more businesses are purchasing Europlan's filing cabinets, workstations, lockers, and commercial storage  
cabinet systems. 

Some of the results they have achieved since implementing Epicor ERP include:

  • 40-50% inventory accuracy two years ago. Now in the mid 80s and targeting over 90%.
  • On-time ship performance was 45% in May '04, rising to 82% in Dec '04. Made possible because of improved controls in scheduling production and transparency of information across the company.
  • On-time receipt performance was 42% in Jan '04, rising to 92% in Dec '04. Epicor provides the ability to track where suppliers are not performing and where Europlan's delivery expectations were incorrect.
  • Reports that previously could take days to produce now take 12.5 seconds.
  • Previously airfreight in was six to seven product consignments per month, now one per month by sea since they know what is required in advance. Epicor's MRP module can accurately estimate purchase requirements ahead of time.
  • Europlan has provided a subcontractor with screen access to Epicor saving a day in processing and turnaround time.
  • One of Europlan's subsidiaries increased efficiency by 50% and reduced staff by 10% through the use of Shop Floor Data Capture.
  • Another subsidiary reduced their stockholding by $100,000 within 18 months of going live.

Company Facts

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Industry: Manufacturing
Web site:


A lack of integration between a number of stand-alone systems

Production deadlines becoming increasingly hard to mee

Lack of visibility over operations and between departments 


Epicor ERP


Improved communication and visibility between different department

One integrated system across the organization

Improved business workflow processes

Improvements in on-time shipping and on-time receipts

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