Field Fastener Supply Co.

"With Prophet 21, I have all the information at my fingertips when I need it. For example, for Purchase Order Request Generation, I'll have 7 or 8 of the modules open on top, so I can click back and forth between them. In the worst case, I'm only a mouse click away from where I want to be."
Steve Ostrowski, Account Manager | Field Fastener Supply


Johnson Controls

"We used to run 3-4% scrap. Last month we were down to 1.37%. You can't get much better than that; that's world-class and is largely attributable to Advanced MES. It's the tool that gives us the numbers we need to make good decisions."
Dave Rose, Quality Engineer | Johnson Controls


Southco, Inc.

"We have a savings calculator for the UK deployment which is showing a net gain of $700,000 at the moment. That's a very significant return on our investment."
Tobi Parker, Manufacturing Engineer | Southco, Inc.