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Solving For IIoT through ERP

The future may not be here, but it's coming, and manufacturers should move now to ensure their ERP platform is future-ready to adjust Industry 4.0 demands and support the Industrial Internet of Things.

Making Sense of Industry 4.0 Data Through ERP

ERP system must be re-imagined to meet the needs of new and emerging manufacturing technologies. Learn how the Epicor EPR system delivers this.


IIoT Blog Series

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Begun—Are You Prepared For IIoT?

Simply adopting new technology will only get you part of the way to being IIoT ready. Tomorrow’s industry leaders will achieve growth through a mixture of strategy, organisational design and vision alongside big data, automated machine decision making and machine learning.

Our five-part blog series on becoming IIoT ready covers topics such as the connected factory, intelligent machines, advanced analytics and more. A thorough understanding of these topics will help ensure you don’t get left behind.

With a wide range of connected devices in your business, integrations with customers and suppliers, and an increasingly talent-oriented workforce, deploying your ERP software in the cloud has many advantages in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era.

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With the right systems in place, the continual collection of data from all devices in the connected factory provide a depth of contextual insights to help form the complete story. With the complete story, business leaders are more accurately informed which fosters alignment and decisive action.

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While the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
will see automation disrupt the nature of traditionally human-centred roles, people
will still be a fundamentally important
element in the success of your IIoT strategy.                                                                                                                     

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Approaching challenges from the perspective of your ideal operating environment can allow you to think without constraint. You may even find yourself using the term ‘in a perfect world’ as you demonstrate how innovation can deliver the optimal performance your company strives to achieve.

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In years gone by, analytics and reporting have been a function of looking at the past to gain insight into what has occurred. Advanced analytics, however, is forward-looking; projecting what is ahead, allowing businesses to develop strategies more confidently.                                                                           

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Quick Launch Guide

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 

Machine monitoring using the Internet of Things can provide a rapid return on investment by helping your company gain visibility, and it can arm your continuous improvement and operations team with the information and tools they need to make a real impact.

The valuable insights shared in our Quick Launch Guide can help you to connect your machines, start collecting data and put that data to good use. Download your copy to learn more about simple machine monitoring, ERP integration, advanced monitoring and big data.

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Analytics Research Report

Analytics Really Do Matter - Driving Digital Transformation and the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

For industrial organisations to survive and succeed into the future, digital transformation is no longer an option; it is a core requirement. The heart of a digital enterprise is data and using it to improve enterprise-wide performance is where analytics comes in.

This eBook introduces a data and analytics architecture that helps manufacturers achieve Digital Transformation goals and fits within the broader Operational Architecture prescribed by LNS Research; a critical component of Industrial Transformation.

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