Australian Aged Care Service Providers Choose Epicor SLS Cloud

Sydney, Australia, November 02, 2016

Epicor Releases New Version of its Senior Living Solutions and Announces New Cloud Customers

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced the release of a new version of its Epicor Senior Living Solutions™ (SLS) for the cloud specifically designed for Australia's smaller residential aged care providers.

This past quarter has seen a number of Australian aged care and residential services providers - including St Catherine's Aged Care Services and the Chinese Australian Services Society - select the new Epicor SLS release with cloud deployment.

Faced with market opportunity, regulatory change, increased compliance requirements, rising consumer service demands and a strong push towards consolidation, a growing number of aged care service providers are opting for cloud solutions to tighten their operations and remain competitive.

“Smaller aged care providers are realising that the Epicor SLS cloud solution can help them compete against larger organisations, providing all of the advantages that an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides, coupled with detailed aged care specific functionality at a price point and delivery model that supports them,” said Vince Randall, regional vice president ANZ for Epicor Software.

Designed specifically for residential aged care businesses with under 300 beds, up to three sites and 50 or less users, the new Epicor SLS cloud solution for small businesses is a streamlined, out-of-the-box offering comprised of a selection of best practice modules and a fixed fee implementation program.

The small business package is built on the significant experience Epicor has from designing and developing software solutions for the Australian aged care industry. With industry-specific functionality, the system incorporates the common industry and regulatory requirements, allowing aged care providers to quickly improve their business management systems, gain efficiencies, ensure more accurate data, improve compliance and governance, allow for increased visibility of data and help them run their organisations more effectively.

Besides the inherent benefits of a cloud deployment, not least the speed-to-value proposition, there is also a significant speed-to-compliance factor for aged and residential care providers who select the Epicor SLS cloud solution.

“Epicor SLS has a great track record in helping our aged care and residential care industry clients to manage compliance in a highly regulated environment, and the Epicor SLS cloud solution can get the smaller organisations there even faster,” said Randall.

He continued, “Our key differentiators appeal to mid to large-sized organisations as well, who appreciate that Epicor SLS has been designed and developed by our highly experienced team in Australia, with a true understanding of the local aged care industry and its regulations, requirements and challenges. They value that it is backed by our ERP expertise and functionality, to present a residential care management solution capable of supporting financial requirements and complying with new legislative changes.”

St Catherine's Aged Care

In operation since the late 1950s, St Catherine's Aged Care provides residential aged care services and its business manager is keen to modernise its technology systems.

“I used Epicor SLS for ten years in a previous organisation and it is brilliant,” said Juliet Ye, business manager, St Catherine's Aged Care. “When I started at St Catherine's a year ago, we were using a solution that required us to enter in the same information in three different modules, sometimes in five different locations. It wasn't integrated with any of the government programs we need to work with, or with other software we use. Fortunately, it was retired which gave me the perfect opportunity to recommend Epicor SLS.”

Ye continued, “Epicor SLS is very intelligent and easy to learn. I like that it has been designed specifically for the Australian aged care industry, and it interfaces with icare, Medicare and other vital systems, as well as the software we use regularly. With Epicor SLS we will be able to ensure our information and data is centralised, and distributed across different locations more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively. We chose the cloud option to ensure we are always on the most up to date version, thus reducing both management and risk.”

The Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS)
CASS was founded in 1981 and is a registered charitable organisation created to provide a range of services to the community, assisting migrants to settle and integrate into the Australian society. As CASSCare, it provides aged and residential care services within this mandate.

“Our residential aged care services have been managed with spreadsheets - which is inefficient,” said Lillian Jin, assistant accountant at CASS and CASSCare. “We needed a new system that can manage our residential aged care as well as provide finance functionality.”

Jin continued, “After we saw the demonstration of Epicor SLS, including the finance aspects of the solution, we loved it. We selected it to help us streamline our systems and save time. We want to avoid the manual processes and data entry and the risk of error that goes along with that. We need to eliminate the reconciliation process we have had to go through with our current system.”

“Based on what we have seen so far,” said Jin, “we are really looking forward to having Epicor SLS in place in our business.”

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“Epicor SLS is very intelligent and easy to learn. I like that it has been designed specifically for the Australian aged care industry, and it interfaces with icare, Medicare and other vital systems, as well as the software we use regularly.”

Vince Randall
Regional Vice President ANZ | Epicor Software

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