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Industrial Distribution - January/February 2016
Redefining the Workplace: How the Latest Generation will Impact Distribution


Supply House Times - November 2015 
Increase Your Warehouse Efficiency

Contractor Supply Magazine - October/November 2015
A Tail of 3 Cities: Three Distributors Share How Epicor Helps Them Supercharge Their Business

Paint & Decorating Retailer - September 2015
A Clever Cash Register  

Drug Topics - September 2015
Data threats: How Prepared is Your Pharmacy?  

Internet Retailer - September 2015
Sanford & Hawley Building Materials Distributor Builds Sales Through New Mobile Software  

Search Autoparts - August 2015
Automotive Service Parts Upgrades Business Software, Streamlines Operations  

Aftermarket Business World - July 2015
What Your Employees and Customers Aren’t Telling You About Your Technology  

Counterman Magazine - July 2015
One Investment That Could Jump-Start Your Parts Business  

ProSales Magazine - June 2015
Variable Pricing Has Come to LBM — Here's How to Stay Competitive  

LBM Journal - June 2015
Avoiding Generational Clashes in Succession Planning  

Search Autoparts - May 2015
It's time to equip your sales team with apps  

ProSales Magazine - March 2015
How Will Younger Generations Change the LBM Market?  

Hardware + Building Supply Dealer - February 2015
Ammunition for the Data-Breach Battle  


LBM Journal - October 2014
In Depth: Technology

LBM Journal - October 2014
Managing Risk: Liability Shift

The Hardware Connection - October 2014
Business Intelligence for independent retailers   

Paint & Decorating Retailer
Watching the Cloud

The Hardware Connection - October 2014
The Hardware Conference Strengthens the Two-Step Channel

America's Pharmacist – September 2014
Walker Drug & General Store: How one man is investing in the future of pharmacy
(This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of America's Pharmacist, published by the National Community Pharmacists Association, Alexandria, Va. Reprinted with permission.)

Retail Merchandiser - May/June 2014
Retail Case Study: The Paper Store Striving for Success

The Hardware Connection - April 2014
How to Maintain Accurate Inventory: Part II (see page 72 of the digital edition)

Integrated Solutions for Retailers - March 2014
Sales Audit Saves Millions For NEX

LBM Journal - March 2014 
A Worst Case Scenario (see page 28 of the digital edition)

The Hardware Connection - March/April 2014 
Spring is in the Air: Freshen Up Your Inventory (see page 71 of digital edition)

Software Magazine - February 2014
The Role of ERP (see page 23 of digital edition)

Business Information - February 2014
Cloud ERP Users Say 'Up, up and Away' (download e-Zine - see page 18)

Industrial Distribution - January/February 2014
Tech Talk: RAPID Onboarding of Acquired Companies to Your ERP

Industrial Distribution - January/February 2014
Tech Talk: Collaboration & Analysis

Food Engineering - January 2014
Manufacturing Intelligence: Using the right tools to make the right decisions

Commerce Times - January 2014
Epicor Aims to Ratchet Up Loyalty

Apparel - January 2014
Grupo Axo Expands Mexican Operations with Epicor

Manufacturing & Logistics IT - January 2014
Epicor helps automotive parts firm to save on card processing costs 


EnterpriseAppsToday - December 2013
Top 8 ERP Trends for 2014

Integrated Solutions for Retailers - December 2013
Getting A Piece of The Global Retail Pie - December 2013
Technology Newsmaker Q&A: Steve Bieszczat – November 2013 
Cloud ERP software introduces business benefits, culture shock

EnterpriseAppsToday – November 2013
Project Portfolio Management Buying Guide

Electrical Wholesaling – November 2013
Rexel goes live with Eclipse

Chain Store Age – November 2013
Paper Store leverages on-demand enterprise solution

ComputerWeekly – November 2013
Case study: Pumps maker Hayward Tyler's restructure sharpened ERP business focus

Industrial Distribution – November 2013
Supplier Performance Scorecards & Supplier Stratification: Part 2

Industrial Distribution – October 2013
Supplier Performance Scorecards & Supplier Stratification: Part 1 – October 2013
Epicor weighs in on social, mobile, cloud and the future of ERP

Chain Store Age – October 2013
Epicor Software Names New CEO

CIO – October 2013
ERP Systems Provide Visibility Into Food Safety

Integrated Solutions For Retailers – October 2013
Build-A-Bear Workshop Banking on Its Store of the Future – September 2013
ERP system integration poses ongoing challenges

Retail TouchPoints – September 2013
The Paper Store Reduces Expenses With Inventory Management (page 30)

aftermarketNews (AMN) – September 2013
Executive Interview with Steve Bieszczat, Senior Vice President, Automotive and Marketing, Epicor – August 2013
Not all Retailers Reaping a Bounty from Ecommerce Efforts

Industrial Distribution – July/August 2013
True Mobility: The Convergence of Social, CRM and Big Data

Metal Forming Magazine – July 2013
Software for Manufacturing - Epicor CMS (page 14)

The Wholesaler – July 2013
A merger of software equals  

Khaleej Times – June 2013
Epicor eyes big yield

IT in Canada – June 2013
SMB-ready ERP solutions: a Q&A with vendors

Viet Nam News – June 2013
Virtual company to educate business students

TRANSACTION trends – June 2013
Security on the Move

Chain Store Age – June 2013
Haggar supports store expansion

ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist – May/June 2013
Harnessing the Power of Pharmacy Data

NAHAD QuickConnection – May 2013
Epicor Mobile Business Analyzer

TMC CUSTOMER Magazine – May 2013 
General Store Increases Revenue with Loyalty and Gift Card Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Retailers – April 2013
Success Story: Vitamin Shoppe Shrinks the Shrink with Epicor Retail Loss Prevention