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Purpose Built

Many organisations are using software which was not specifically built for the Australian market. If your software catered for your industry as an afterthought or was not intended for use by aged care organisations, then it is likely you are missing out on crucial functionality.

Why it’s Important


Beyond industry compliance, business efficiency, or any other individual factor, your software should support your business to operate at its best, in every way. So, if it is ill-fitting, for any reason, then it will hold you back, so it is time to part ways.

What You Need


When you invest at the level required to procure and manage an aged care software application, you need to make sure its primary function is to help you be productive and compliant.

Download our information sheet; Purpose Built Aged Care Software to help you develop an effective aged care software evaluation process.

Two men in a factory reviewing their inventory

Reduce complexity with engineer to order automation

ETO companies think that it is impossible to automate the entire end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production. However, KBMax can act as your “Virtual Engineer” to reduce errors and speed up the sales and manufacturing process.

Introduce rules-driven product configuration

Quickly and accurately configure your products based on pre-built components and rules. Minimize the back-and-forth between the buyer, the sales team, and engineering.

Collage image of the Epicor CPQ software, displaying a computer CPU visual configuration

Streamline product design and CAD automation

Reach customers like you never could before, with visual, dynamic selling that you can cater to each of your distinct buying audiences.

Collage image of the Solidworks software, displaying a 2D visualization of a 3D model of a tank

Extend engineer to order with manufacturing and back-office integration

Accelerate production schedules and on-time product deliveries while reducing job costs and improving profitability.

Collage image of a CAD software, displaying a shed's roof configuration

Unify Manufacturing & Sales Using CPQ Technology

This buyer’s guide was put together specifically to help manufacturers define the base set of requirements to succeed with Epicor CPQ, and identify the ‘features to look for’ in best-in-class Epicor CPQ solutions. The guide provides a clear vision for manufacturers looking to digitally transform their organization with Epicor CPQ, and flourish in an ever-growing and highly competitive market that is demanding this new buying model.

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