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Electronic Data Integration

Superior business-to-business (B2B) collaboration between your organization and your business partners, whether they’re across town or across the world, is one of the critical components driving ongoing growth and profitability in any enterprise. To ensure that your mission-critical data is getting to the individuals who need it when they need it, you need flexible data integration functionality to ensure collaboration between business partners anywhere in the world 24/7.

Epicor B2B and EDI Managed Service On-Demand offers comprehensive Business-to-Business Integration solutions that provides your organization with flexible data integration, powerful electronic data interchange functionality, and database translation engines to increase your efficiency and reduce the significant costs associated with B2B Integration. We do so by providing a fully automated and integrated system that simplifies data sharing and removes the roadblocks for the seamless exchange of information.

What differentiates Epicor’s B2B Integration and EDI Managed Service On-Demand from other business integration solutions is the ability to provide our customers with the identical software tools if the business need outgrows that of an outsourced solution. Epicor’s on-demand data integration software uses its commercially available and fully supported software tools to connect our customers to their business partners as a service. As trading partner or application maps, profiles, and workflows are created for your business-specific environment, they are always available to the customer to utilize internally. The EDI Managed Service On-Demand solution grows as your business needs dictate.

EDI Solutions That Fit Your Business Needs

Epicor’s EDI integration technology is now available on demand for customers looking to outsource their eCommerce function. Epicor has an array of service-based XML/EDI, data synchronization, and B2B integration offerings that allow organizations to reap the full benefit of Epicor’s powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Customers outsourcing eCommerce processes to Epicor enjoy the advantages of true eBusiness—conducting business electronically with any party regardless of the service or solution their business partners use.

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More Data Management and Connectivity Capabilities

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