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Epicor Data Analytics

Turn data stored in your Epicor solution into actionable insights.

Achieve new levels of business insight

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), powered by Phocas, is an easy-to-use cloud service with powerful tools to help you reduce costs, identify new opportunities, and speed decision-making.

  • Stay up-to-date with the daily changes of your business
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual reporting processes
  • Visualize data across all of your business systems from production to sales

Epicor Data Analytics Content Packs

Sales (sales, orders, quotes)

Quickly discover business trends by visualizing the sales data in your Epicor system. Get deeper insight into sales results by account, location, geography, order, and more.

Answers questions like:

  • What is my average sales and gross margin by invoice?
  • Who was buying, but is not buying now?
  • Where are we succeeding geographically?

Gain full visibility into:

  • Net sales
  • Quantity shipped
  • Quantity ordered
  • Material cost
  • Fixed burden
  • Variable burden
  • Labor cost
  • Other cost
  • Gross margin

Financials (AR/AP and general ledger)

Improve overall visibility into your business by drilling down into categorized accounts and transactions within your income statement and balance sheet.

Answers questions like:

  • What are this year’s actuals versus last year’s actuals by account?
  • How long is money held up in accounts receivable?
  • What payments are receivable and what invoices are due?
  • Did we take advantage of discount terms and how much did we save?

Gain full visibility into:

  • Amount paid
  • Terms taken
  • Allowed
  • Bad debt amount
  • Amount receivable
  • Owing
  • Items invoiced
  • Invoices paid
  • Memos
  • Terms taken
  • Transactions for income statement and balance sheet

Phocas and Epicor Data Analytics Receive 28 Top Rankings in BARC’s The BI Survey 18

The Phocas-powered Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) outperformed other industry-leading BI and analytics vendors to rank first in categories including, business benefits, project success, recommendation, customer satisfaction, and more.

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