Non-Profit Organization Software

Non-profit organizations face many unique challenges: An environment of constant resource constraints. Pressure to minimize operational overhead while providing high-quality service to constituencies. Rigorous and often burdensome requirements for accounting, reporting and administrative management.

To meet these challenges, non-profit organization software must implement quickly and cheaply, be simple and straightforward to use, and contribute to efficiency by streamlining operations to help cut costs. The financial systems must be flexible, able to automate fund accounting and allocation tasks, handle complex requirements, streamline and consolidate budgeting processes, and provide detailed, customized reporting.

In order to fulfill their objectives and survive in the future, tax-exempt organizations need to adopt a business-like approach in dealing with these issues. Epicor® is well positioned to face these challenges by delivering an intuitive and comprehensive non-profit solution. It manages, streamlines and centralizes virtually every aspect of a non-profit organization—from donor management to finance and accounting, performance management and beyond—all within a single solution.

Not-for-Profit Management Systems

For managing expenditures, Epicor provides a unique solution that tracks commitments from multiple sources against approved budgets to provide a true picture of spending to requisitioners and approvers while they are making purchasing decisions. That level of transparency and immediacy is critical to staying on budget.

Non-Profit Organization Solutions

  • Raise the Funds.
  • Track Donors, Prospects, and Volunteers.
  • Account for and Streamline Financial Operations.
  • Procure Efficiently and Cost Effectively.
  • Analyze and Audit Operations.

These five processes represent a closed loop solution that ensures maximum efficiency and a connected organization. Our understanding of these five key processes and our ability to automate and optimize them for our customers is what has made Epicor a leading provider of financial solutions for the non-profit sector.

Epicor has helped numerous non-profit organizations to be successful by providing enterprise systems and implementation expertise designed to meet the needs of non-profit concerns. With award-winning applications, Epicor for Non-Profit Organizations is a powerful, flexible business system that’s just right for organizations that need to get new systems in quickly, streamline operations and maximize return on investment. That keeps the funds flowing to where they are needed most.