Get Greater Visibility Across Your Whole Business

Innovative technologies from Epicor pave the way for today's Manufacturers to streamline business processes and break down barriers to growth, while remaining agile for rapid response to customer demands and evolving markets.

  • Track, measure, and monitor your entire business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to final product
  • Boost efficiency with real-time, actionable visibility into plant and business operations
  • Reduce costs and streamline processes while you grow revenue and increase profits
  • Optimize lean manufacturing to focus on the key priorities to make smarter decisions, eliminate waste and increase customer satisfaction
  • Easily adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies

Metal Tech Partners: Making the Move from Legacy System to Cloud ERP

Software and Solutions to Fit These Manufacturing Modes

Manufacturing Software

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is an enterprise resource planning software built for the precise needs of mid-sized and large businesses involved in manufacturing, distribution.

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Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec)

Gain access to real-time information, improve plant productivity, and improve quality and customer service with Advanced MES Manufacturing Execution System.

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Manufacturing Software Resources

See how disruptive technologies and megatrends will shape manufacturing.

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Learn how you can you position your manufacturing business to take the next steps in your digital transformation.

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Learn five key growth enablers and pitfalls for manufacturers.

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See what foundations will shape the factory of the future.

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Success Stories

“One of the main reasons we chose Epicor was that the solution met our organisational goals of flexibility and simplicity. The user interface—which was delivered out of the box—fit perfectly with the Mint’s strategy of not having to customise significantly."

Ricardo Alberto
Chief Technology Office

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“Using the system has enabled us to run more machines with the same number of staff and more from a 24/7 to 24/5 shift pattern without compromising output.”

Greg Heeley
Chief Technical Officer

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“Epicor ERP was one of a very few products that could meet Boral’s need for a system that could manage a huge number of transactional projects, as opposed to simply managing ongoing or larger projects.”

Simon Elleway
Digital Solutions Manager

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Epicor Manufacturing Overview

Epicor ERP eliminates complexity, making ERP easier to use, more collaborative and more responsive.