As a medical products distributor, you handle complicated release schedules and complex pricing structures, monitor a diverse inventory, and manage vendor contracts and rebates. To help you simplify operations while maintaining compliance, Epicor solutions make it easier to:

  • Process orders from multiple sources—counter, fax, email, EDI, and online
  • Manage comprehensive customer pricing—including vendor contracts/rebates
  • Track lots and serial numbers
  • Validate DEA/physician licensing and track drug pedigrees

Success Stories

“Epicor and Prophet 21 were there for us and have grown with us, helping us reach our full potential.”

Andrew Wright
Chief Operating Officer

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“With the Epicor Prophet 21 solution, we can move our company forward...There are so many creative ways we can use the system to promote our growth.”

Tammy Brooks
Systems Administrator

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“[Prophet 21] offers a level of visibility that didn’t exist before. We highlight low-margin customers and products, allowing us to drill down on issues to address them immediately.”

Melissa Selig

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