Currently managing over 50,000 residents, Epicor provides one of Australia’s market-leading solutions for the aged care industry.

Epicor Senior Living Solution (SLS) has been specifically designed for operators of independent living, residential aged care, and community care organizations. The software is offered in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) deployment or on premises, with the ability to transition between deployment options as your business grows. Epicor SLS provides:

  • An embedded system for managing resident and patient information
  • Advanced functionality for financial management and analysis
  • Integration with third-party clinical care and medication management solutions
  • Mobile access to Epicor SLS through web browsers and smart applications

Epicor Community Care Solution

An addition to Epicor Senior Living Solution that helps providers of community care services better manage their remote working staff and the services they deliver to their clients. In particular, the online rostering services offer the ability to schedule and allocate staff while on the go.

Epicor Community Care Solution, part of the Epicor Senior Living Solution (SLS) offering is now available; answering the growing demand for home care. It simplifies the delivery of services, for both the operator and carer, to provide the best care for the elderly.

Optimize Your Entire Business With Epicor Senior Living Solution

Resident Management

Capture and retain data to manage admissions, transfers, and ongoing care for residents.

Human Capital Management

Support your staff through recruiting, training, and ongoing talent management and retention.

Financial Management

Gain financial clarity across your business with planning, collections, and general accounting tools.

Facilities Management

Keep track of equipment, service and maintenance, and improvements throughout your facilities.

Project Management

Plan and manage your projects—including contracts, time, billing, and expenses.


Maintain profitability with simplified resident billing, bond retention, funding and payment reconciliation, and more.

Service and Asset Management

Track service and maintenance tasks throughout your facilities, including warranty management and food service.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage leads and contacts to optimize marketing efforts and attract new residents.


Maintain supplier data, manage requisitions, and track approvals for your purchases.

Epicor Senior Living Solution Resources

The Aged Care Landscape is Changing. Be Informed. Be Prepared.


Navigating Change Through Software


Download the guide to gain valuable insights to prepare for the decade ahead.


Learn to Analyse and Action Aged Care Data


Success Stories

“Technology allows us to work better. … Epicor has the infrastructure in place to service our industry and provide seamless integration with government agency systems.”

Frank Price,
Chief Executive Officer

“The Epicor SLS system gives us access to more timely and accurate data, which means that we can respond to client inquiries much faster than we used to.”

Jane Pickering,
Chief Executive

“Before Epicor SLS, we didn’t get proper summaries of the financial position, so we never knew where the business stood. Now, we can get that information easily, so managers can make decisions based on clear data.”

Juliet Ye,
Business Manager