Production Management for Epicor ERP

Simplify processes, reduce waste, and improve profitability—regardless of product complexity.

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Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Software

Monitor your process manufacturing performance in real time and help your team identify and act on opportunities with Epicor Informance EMI 

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Advanced MES

Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) gives discrete manufacturers real-time production and process monitoring to improve productivity and lower costs.

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Epicor IoT

Monitor your shop floor in real time using data collected from PLCs or IoT sensors.

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Epicor Production Management Solutions

Build a solid reputation within your industry and bring new products to market faster with powerful production management software.

Epicor production management solutions can help you optimize production capacity to keep costs low and meet customer expectations for quality and on-time delivery.

When you're ready, take advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies that can make your operation even leaner and smarter. With greater automation, better data, and improved visibility into labor, materials, inventory, and scheduling, you can reduce costs and accelerate growth.